14 Sep, 2014 in Southern Israel
Masada Israel (92)

One of Israel’s top tourist attractions,  a spectacular archeological site with a fascinating history, Masada is not to be missed. It’s been many many years since I visited Masada last, and although things are pretty much the same, my perspective and ability to appreciate it have changed allot. Taking more time to go around Israel […]

8 Aug, 2014 in Southern Israel
Tel Arad  Southern Israel (3)

Located between the dead sea and Beer Sheva, close to the desert city of Arad, is Tel Arad, an ancient city dating back to the Early Bronze Age around 5000 years ago. Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to see that are left from the city’s history, one of the largest cities in the […]

2 Aug, 2014 in Southern Israel
The Great Crater - Southern Israel-028

In the Negev desert of southern Israel there are a number of very large craters, the most famous of those being the Ramon Crater. But the lesser-known ones are also a sight to behold, gorgeous desert scenery that will take your breath away. While roaming through Beer-Sheva I decided to take a detour and go […]

9 Jul, 2014 in Southern Israel
Mamshit southern Israeli (36)

The Israeli southern desert is filled with historical treasures. The Nabateans ruled the trade roads across the desert and left some wonderful cities behind that are still standing today. Mamshit is the smallest of those, but still spectacular and well-worth your visit. A quick half an hour from Beer Sheva and on the way towards […]

1 May, 2014 in Southern Israel
Sculpture Park Drive BeerSheva Israel (3)

If you’re visiting Be’er Sheva and airforce war history and planes aren’t exactly your thing, then just next to it is a neat short drive that takes you through an open-space ‘museum’ of sculptures. Since it’s the desert, you get to see all sorts of interesting things like Bedouins, camels and sheep. If you’re driving […]

30 Apr, 2014 in Southern Israel
Israeli Air Force Museum Beer Sheva Israel (42)

Aside from the very beautiful desert scenery and perhaps the old town and the Bedouin market there isn’t all that much to do in Beer-Sheva. There is, ofcourse, the Israeli air force museum which I’ve managed to successfully avoid all these years. But, since I was in the area, and it was already an hour […]

29 Apr, 2014 in Southern Israel
Ben Gurion University  Be

During my last visit to Israel I was invited to Ben Gurion University down south at Be’er Sheva to give an academic talk. Though I’ve heard quite a lot about this university, and have a few friends who studied with this university, this was actually my first visit to the university campus. And what a […]

23 Sep, 2013 in Southern Israel
Negev - the Ramon Crater (4).JPG

One of the most magnificent scenic areas in southern Israel is the Ramon Crater. It’s a landscape quite unique to the Israeli desert, formed by a receding ocean millions of years ago, it’s one of the largest in the world for its kind encompassing 40 by 10km and running 500meters deep. At Mitzpe Ramon, an […]

1 May, 2012 in Southern Israel
Ramon Crater - Colored Sand (11).JPG

The Ramon crater of the Israeli Negev desert offers a number of geological attractions, so if the stunning views of the Ramon crater aren’t enough for you then one option you might want to consider is the colored sand saw mill recreation park. Someone in the local authorities decided that it would be a good […]

25 Apr, 2012 in Southern Israel
Ramon Crater - Alpaca farm (10).JPG

Have you heard about alpacas? I haven’t, and when I eventually saw one I was sure it was a llama, but we’re talking a different breed here. Somehow, alpacas are smaller, cuter and hairier. Thing is, the middle of nowhere Negev desert in southern Israel next to the gorgeous Ramon crater is probably the last […]

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