24 Apr, 2015 in Northern Israel
Crusader Fortress Acre (1)

The old city of Acre is one of Israel’s top treasures, a gorgeous ancient city dating back thousands of years overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a very high concentration of terrific tourist attractions. In my previous visits to Acre I just walked the old city markets, enjoyed the fortifications and the local food, but in […]

19 Feb, 2015 in Northern Israel
Old City Acre Street Markets (6)

The city of Acre in northern Israel offers world-class tourist attractions set in a UNESCO world heritage ancient walled city, but it’s not all old archeological sites, there’s also a very special vibe in the old city markets. In my recent visit to Jerusalem, after exploring the city as a tourist and doing all the […]

6 Dec, 2014 in Northern Israel
Around Akko Acre Old City (24)

In my last visit to Israel I took two days out to explore the north, starting from eastern Galilee, and moving west for the night to stay at Kiryat Yam so I can spend the following day exploring the north-west, starting from Acre. The old city of Acre (or Akko) is a special place in […]

28 Oct, 2014 in Northern Israel
Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel

While visiting Israel this year I was fortunate to get a tour of northern Israel by a friend born and raised in the area. One of the places we visited on that wonderful day was Kibbutz Dafna, which is one of many Kibbutz communal villages in northern Galilee and is a good example of the […]

4 Jun, 2014 in Northern Israel
Mount Tabor - Northern Israel (1)

Although Israel is tiny, the differences between north and south are huge. The south is mostly desert land, while the north – especially during spring – is lush and green. During my last visit to Israel in March, the north is the perfect place to be. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, rivers with rushing waters, trees […]

28 May, 2014 in Northern Israel
Tel Hazor National Park Israel (24)

Northern Israel is filled with history and throughout the country-side there are UNESCO heritage sites that date back thousands of years. On the opposite site of the Gallillee from the fabulous Tel Megiddo close to the Golan Heights is the Tel Hazor National Park, another gem surrounded by lush green nature. Dating back four millenia, […]

14 May, 2014 in Northern Israel
Tel Megido Northern Israel (6)

Israel is filled with history and countless wonders of the ancient world. One of the important historical sites in northern Israel is Tel Megiddo, the place where Armageddon – the ultimate battle at the end of times – is to eventually take place. Right now, it doesn’t look like much, but as you wonder through […]

11 May, 2014 in Northern Israel
Bahai Gardens Akko (1)

Many wonderful things to see and do in the small country of Israel, and the Bahai Gardens in Haifa are among the top of those attractions. The grandeur of the gardens built by the exclusive and mysterious Bahai religion is world famous. But, a bit lesser known and much more humble are the Bahai Gardens […]

15 Jun, 2011 in Northern Israel
Haifa Bahai Gardens (18).JPG

The Bahai Gardens are definitely among the top attractions in Israel and a must see. Situated on the slopes of mount Carmel and facing down towards the gorgeous views of the Haifa seashore are beautifully designed gardens, a UNESCO heritage site, sacred to the Bahai religion followers. It’s absolutely breathtaking and definitely one of the […]

21 Jan, 2011 in Northern Israel
Rosh Hanikra - Northern Israel (24).JPG

At the tip of northern Israel, just next to the border between Israel and Lebanon, is one magical spot well worth visiting – Rosh Hanikra. Rosh Hanikra is set with gorgeous scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and has some amazing rock formations where land meets the sea. The whole place is absolutely breathtaking and you […]

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