20 Apr, 2019 in Jerusalem

I spent many years coming in and out of the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus, and never really appreciated it much. It was only earlier this year that I had the chance to come back and visit after many years being away and roam around a bit, experiencing nostalgia, and even being able to enjoy […]

29 May, 2016 in Jerusalem
Jerusalem northern city walls walk (35)

A good way to get started on your tour of the gorgeous old city of Jerusalem is to go on a walk on the old city walls. If you approach the old city from the Jaffa gate you can do the walk in two directions – one going on the southern walls into the Armenian […]

6 Oct, 2014 in Jerusalem, Visions

Although I’ve lived in Jerusalem for most of my young life, Jerusalem remains a treasure of hidden gems and spectacular beauty. Every time I visit back I get to see and capture more of its beauty, appreciate things that I’ve taken for granted before. Though my photography skills are still quite basic and I mostly […]

7 Jan, 2014 in Itineraries, Jerusalem
e777e17888cf11e2bf1c22000aa8008f 7 thumb Visions of Jerusalem : Israel jerusalem israel

Doesn’t matter how far I go and how long I stay away, Jerusalem is where I was brought up and where I go each year to visit my family. To be frank, it is only when I left Israel that I became really curious about seeing more of it. Sure, I went on tours, I […]

2 Aug, 2013 in Jerusalem
Monastery of the Cross - Emek HaMatzlevah (14)

Adding to the list of wonderful things to see around where area I grew up in Jerusalem is the Monastery of the Cross. Looking down from my old neighborhood – Rehavia, you’ll see that Monastery of the Cross is down the valley from the hill where the Museum of Israel is, and not too far […]

19 Jun, 2013 in Jerusalem
Machne Yehuda - Baal-Basta-001

The transformation that took place in Machane Yehuda Market in central Jerusalem is remarkable (official site). From an ordinary loud and dirty wet market to a posh shopping areas filled with exotic restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, tons of cool little shops that sell just about everything, and – ofcourse – an upscale version of […]

17 Jun, 2013 in Jerusalem
Knesset - Jerusalem (10)

Though over the years I’ve become somewhat cynical and critical of what takes place inside those walls, the visually-challenged Israeli Legislator building has – also – been part of my childhood background scenery. Located about 20 minutes walk from my parents house, I could see the Knesset across the Valley of the Cross (Emek Hamatzlevah) […]

13 Jun, 2013 in Jerusalem

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is my home museum. Located only ~15 minutes walk from my parents’ house in Rehavia, down Ramban street and across the Monastery valley, it has always been part of the very familiar view I’ve come across many times while walking my dog or wondering around the neighborhood. Perhaps since it […]

1 Apr, 2013 in Jerusalem, Visions

Wrapping up a six months exchange in Florida State I stopped by Jerusalem for a quick visit before heading back to Hong Kong. I grew up in Jerusalem, I know Jerusalem quite well, but I always find something new and exciting and I could probably never really be oblivious to its beauty. During my …

17 Aug, 2012 in Jerusalem
Hansen - Alma Zohar performance (9).JPG

Though most of the secular Jerusalem folks have already taken to the notion that Jerusalem is culturally dead, especially in comparison to the younger more vibrant Tel Aviv, every time I go back to visit I discover that’s far from the truth. In my recent visit there were atleast 3 festivals going on and dozens […]

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