Ohel Moishe Synagogue (12).JPG

During the time around the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and the second world war a few tens of thousands of Jews fled from Europe to seek refuge in Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the very few locations around the world willing to accept the escaping Jews, and Ohel Moishe Synagogue was the […]

30 Oct, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections

Chinese guy (Chao) meets a Jewish guy (Parker). This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve watched recently (reminded me of Judy Alive and Borat). You just got to see this. Steroid stereotypes ^_^ Loving that HK English accent…     Watch these videos : …

11 Sep, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
Awaiting Tourists from China–Special Tour Guide Course to Welcome Chinese

An news story aired in an Israeli morning show a while back tells the story of a special tour-guide course by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism aimed at the Chinese tourists. With hopes of increasing numbers of Chinese tourists coming to Israel, this type of preparation would hopefully make them feel more welcome. …

1 Sep, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
Chinese Tourism in Israel–Interview

The Israeli channel 2 morning show recently featured an interview with an English speaking Chinese tour-guide who takes mainland Chinese groups to visit Israel. The short interview provides some insights into how the Chinese see Israel and offers some curious cross-cultural interactions.     Here’s the video : …

30 Aug, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
The importance of studying Chinese - Israeli Prime Minster

The current Israeli prime minister – Benjamin Netayahu – spoke at the last Israeli Business Convention and elaborated the importance of introducing Chinese studies to the Israeli education system. I’ve known about this for quite a while, but I finally got around to listen to his speech.     Here’s …

28 Aug, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections
Growing Chinese studies trend - Israel

3 years after I wrote about the first signs of the Israeli Chinese studies trend and there are signs that the trend is still going strong (see “The Chinese Language Studies Trend in Israel” and “Channel 2 story : Israelis studying Chinese” for more info). Every once in a while, Israeli news channels rediscover this […]

15 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
The Chinese Dead Sea

China’s Dead Sea or Salt Lake, located at Penglai Township in Dayin County of southwest China’s Sichuan province, recently received some Israeli media attention. Turns out the Chinese wanted to visit the dead sea in Israel so badly, they just opened one themselves. It offers salty hot springs, mud bathes, and made to look and […]

14 May, 2010 in Asia-Israel connections, China
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos in Midi Festival 2010 China

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, one of the more interesting Israeli musicians in the last year or so, have taken part in the Midi Festival 2010 in China. Here’s my translation of Mako.co.il : […] In the last couple of days, Avidan and the Mojos performed in two music festivals in …

27 May, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Tainan
Israel 60 years independence holocaust museum tainan-1.JPG

The Tainan County Bao An Holocaust Museum had a ceremony to celebrate Israel’s 60 years of independence. I went there twice before to help them out with their request to learn how to sing some songs in Hebrew. Arriving there I met a large group of volunteering students from the nearby university who were …

18 Jan, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan

It’s great seeing other Israelis doing well in Taiwan. Warms my heart. The other night, as I was meeting someone at Tainan’s “Hangout”, I picked the newest issue of +886, the Taipei based life style magazine in both Chinese and English, and noticed something familiar on the cover. I stared at it for a few […]

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