20 Apr, 2019 in Jerusalem

I spent many years coming in and out of the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus, and never really appreciated it much. It was only earlier this year that I had the chance to come back and visit after many years being away and roam around a bit, experiencing nostalgia, and even being able to enjoy […]

17 Feb, 2019 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo

Beginning of this year I had the chance to go back and revisit a lovely university campus in Israel – the Tel Aviv University. Following a meeting in a nearby coffee shop with some of the local faculty, I spent a couple of hours roaming the lovely campus. I’ve been here before, I’m sure of […]

15 Sep, 2016 in Tel Aviv - Yaffo

I think most people visiting Israel are pleasantly surprised by how nice the beaches are in the coastal cities. Tel Aviv, the vibrant energetic heart of contemporary Israeli cultures, boosts a very long coastline with some fine beaches, but those tend to get rather crowded and loud. For the more ‘posh’ and sometimes laid back […]

29 May, 2016 in Jerusalem
Jerusalem northern city walls walk (35)

A good way to get started on your tour of the gorgeous old city of Jerusalem is to go on a walk on the old city walls. If you approach the old city from the Jaffa gate you can do the walk in two directions – one going on the southern walls into the Armenian […]

30 Mar, 2016 in Palestine
Breaking the Silence Hebron Tour 2015 West Bank (113)

Been contemplating what and how to write on this for a while. In the time since I went on the Breaking the Silence tour to Hebron, Breaking the Silence has received wide media attention in Israel as right-wing Israeli politicians who now form the presiding government wage media and legal war against its heads. When […]

24 Apr, 2015 in Northern Israel
Crusader Fortress Acre (1)

The old city of Acre is one of Israel’s top treasures, a gorgeous ancient city dating back thousands of years overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a very high concentration of terrific tourist attractions. In my previous visits to Acre I just walked the old city markets, enjoyed the fortifications and the local food, but in […]

19 Feb, 2015 in Northern Israel
Old City Acre Street Markets (6)

The city of Acre in northern Israel offers world-class tourist attractions set in a UNESCO world heritage ancient walled city, but it’s not all old archeological sites, there’s also a very special vibe in the old city markets. In my recent visit to Jerusalem, after exploring the city as a tourist and doing all the […]

6 Dec, 2014 in Northern Israel
Around Akko Acre Old City (24)

In my last visit to Israel I took two days out to explore the north, starting from eastern Galilee, and moving west for the night to stay at Kiryat Yam so I can spend the following day exploring the north-west, starting from Acre. The old city of Acre (or Akko) is a special place in […]

28 Oct, 2014 in Northern Israel
Kibbutz Dafna - Northern Israel

While visiting Israel this year I was fortunate to get a tour of northern Israel by a friend born and raised in the area. One of the places we visited on that wonderful day was Kibbutz Dafna, which is one of many Kibbutz communal villages in northern Galilee and is a good example of the […]

6 Oct, 2014 in Jerusalem, Visions

Although I’ve lived in Jerusalem for most of my young life, Jerusalem remains a treasure of hidden gems and spectacular beauty. Every time I visit back I get to see and capture more of its beauty, appreciate things that I’ve taken for granted before. Though my photography skills are still quite basic and I mostly […]

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