30 Jul, 2008 in Jerusalem
Mamila Jerusalem.JPG

I love what they did with Mamila. Going from the center of town up to the Jaffa gate of the old city is now the renewed Mamila. A gorgeous preserved neighborhood turned a relaxing shopping district with a combination of the traditional Jerusalem stone architecture with modern coffee hangouts and expensive shops. In the evening […]

28 Jul, 2008 in Jerusalem
Overlooking Jerusalem from Tower of the Church of the Redeemer

Jerusalem’s special. A person can spend a lifetime living here and still not grasp the depths of this city, the vast history, the diverse culture, the impossible politics, the spirit of what Jerusalem is. This Saturday I joined the municipal tour through the old city of Jerusalem towards the Kidron stream valley in East Jerusalem […]

27 May, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Tainan
Israel 60 years independence holocaust museum tainan-1.JPG

The Tainan County Bao An Holocaust Museum had a ceremony to celebrate Israel’s 60 years of independence. I went there twice before to help them out with their request to learn how to sing some songs in Hebrew. Arriving there I met a large group of volunteering students from the nearby university who were …

18 Jan, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan

It’s great seeing other Israelis doing well in Taiwan. Warms my heart. The other night, as I was meeting someone at Tainan’s “Hangout”, I picked the newest issue of +886, the Taipei based life style magazine in both Chinese and English, and noticed something familiar on the cover. I stared at it for a few […]

12 Jan, 2008 in Asia-Israel connections, China

I’ve just recently found out about the Israeli branch of NT-D-TV and two of their China-Israel related stories. The first one has to do with metal theft in Israel that seems to originate from the growing need for metal in China. The second has to do with the problematic situation and sad reality of the […]

13 Oct, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan

As an Israeli – this has got to be one of strangest things I encountered in southern Taiwan yet (:O). Seeds of Jesus Church of Kaohsiung in Taiwan is apparently going around Taiwan and performing the “Worship of Israel Dance”, with something that sounds like Israeli music from the 60s with Hebrew lyrics and looks a […]

11 Oct, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan

It’s interesting to meet some of the international students who just recently arrived in Tainan and hear some of the Chinese words they pick up on their first weeks here. Obviously, there’s Ni Hao. There’s the various necessities for getting food like rice, noodle and the basic words for meat. There are also the words they pick […]

30 Aug, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections, Taiwan
The Israeli perspective on Taiwanese culture - Haaretz visits Taiwan

Haaretz, the best Israeli newspaper, has an excellent article on Taiwan. Dror Mishani, Haaretz’s reporter, has been invited to Taiwan to explore some the Taiwanese culture and look into some of the connections between Taiwan and Israel. It’s a long fascinating article, but for the time being I’ll focus on one surprising section regarding the […]

17 Jul, 2007 in Asia-Israel connections
Just like home, but completely different : An Israeli couple in China

While the other Israeli blogs on China are disappearing, it’s nice to find new ones. Naama and Zohar left to southern China and have been writing about their lives in a new Hebrew blog translated "Just like home, but completely different". Here’s a quick translation from their introduction: When we went to study Humanities, we […]

5 Jul, 2007 in Israel
City of David - South to Old City Jerusalem

In the past month, we’ve been revisiting some of the main tourist attractions in the Jerusalem and central-Israel area. It’s the second time I actually take the time to tour around a little, the first time – “Around Israel in 20 days” – being in mid-summer, and it’s quite remarkable that I discovered some incredible […]

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