4 Aug, 2017 in Cologne
Burg Stolberg (3)

Roaming around the area surrounding Aachen, we made a quick stop to see Castle Stolberg, a well kept 12th century in the Stolberg old town. It’s nowadays mostly used for medieval themed events and offers accommodation and a restaurant. There are some grand views of the area from the castle, and the nearby old town […]

17 Feb, 2017 in Cologne

Since I’m already covering last year’s Christmas markets (e.g., Paris, and Brussels), might as well mention one more that I visited while my sister came up to my area. She flew in to Cologne, and we took this opportunity to explore the city’s holiday markets in the Alter Market central area in the old town. It was […]

2 Feb, 2016 in Cologne
Old Town of Cologne Germany (38)

To continue the grand tour of Cologne, following up on the the grand Cologne Cathedral, with some churches and monasteries, Cologne is simply a very nice city for strolling around, especially in the history center of the city. There’s a large Rhein river crossing the town, with a large bridge offering the love locks experience, that offers […]

14 Sep, 2015 in Cologne
Alt St Alban Cologne Germany (3)

Walking around the small old city area of Cologne is a treat. Although the city suffered through World War II, many of the old buildings and churches have been restored, and the result is a stroll back in history. Quite a few things to see in the area. In my walk I went into a […]

29 Jun, 2015 in Cologne
 Great St Martin Church Cologn Old Town (1)

The grand Cologne Cathedral is the most famous attraction in Cologne, but the old town offers quite a few other lovely historic churches, monasteries and cathedrals to see. A walking tour of an hour or two should be enough to visit the highlights, and so here’s what I saw during my visit.   …

19 Jun, 2015 in Cologne
Cologne Cathedral-016

The most famous attraction in the city of Cologne in Germany is the first thing you see when you come out from the train station. It’s impossible to miss, you’ll see it from almost every part of the old town of Cologne – the Cologne Cathedral. Day or night, it’s an impressive structure, inspiring awe […]

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