9 May, 2017 in Warsaw

When visiting Warsaw I had a flat not too far away from the central train station, which is about 20-30 minutes walk from the old center of Warsaw. Turns out that on that route there’s the old Nożyk Jewish synagogue which somehow managed to survive the second world war. It dates back the the end […]

20 Apr, 2017 in Warsaw

The historic old town in Warsaw is in the image of what the old town used to look like, to give visitors the feel of former glory, but because of the mass destruction during world war II, much of of the area is a reconstruction. It is a remarkably well done reconstruction, it looks authentic, […]

28 Mar, 2017 in Warsaw

Warsaw is a vibrant fast-growing modern city with lots to see and do, and yet, a visit to Warsaw (and Poland in general) is incomplete without addressing the past. The Poland story in the 20th century is a tragedy, being caught between aggressive powers that did not hesitate to bully, occupy, and divide Poland without […]

9 Nov, 2016 in Warsaw

When I looked up things to do in Warsaw and saw “a library”, I didn’t think much of it. I know academia, seen my fair share of libraries, so what could be so different about this library? But on a gloomy rainy day that forced me to visiting a museum, I took a couple of […]

1 Oct, 2016 in Warsaw
Taras Widokowy Palace of Culture Science Warsaw Poland-003

My first stop in Warsaw was the Palace of Culture and Science near the main train station. On the way I could already see the grand building from afar and as I drove closer the building emerged in full glory. The area surrounding the train station features some of Warsaw’s funkiest architecture, but most of it is […]

19 Aug, 2016 in Visions, Warsaw
Visions of Warsaw Poland (1)

During my last visit to Poland, I started my tour in Warsaw. My previous visit to Warsaw was over 20 years before that, back in the grey days of post USSR collapse, and it was during winter time, so my memories were of a pretty bleak and tired Warsaw. That visit was also not touristy, […]

14 Aug, 2016 in Warsaw
Copernicus Science Centre Museum Warsaw Poland (2)

I’ve stopped counting the number of science museums I’ve been to, been to far too many and all over the world, and so I’m always a bit hesitant to try new ones. What can another science museum possibly have to offer beyond all the other world-class museums I’ve been to around the world? When visiting […]

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