5 Jun, 2011 in Montenegro
Maritime Museum - Kotor - Montenegro-10.JPG

Among the many attractions one can find in the gorgeous old town of Kotor, the museum that seems to stand our of the lot is the Maritime Museum of Montenegro.     The Museum official homepage has the intro: The …

10 May, 2011 in Montenegro
Montenegro - on the road-2.JPG

Montenegro’s gorgeous. Kotor Bay, Cetinje, Ulcinj and Lovćen National Park are some of the terrific spots that I’ve the pleasure of visiting while there. There were a few stunning stops we had on our trip from Ulcinj to Lovcen, and the following photos are from Sveti Stefan – showing you the beauty of …

14 Mar, 2011 in Montenegro
Lovcen - Montenegro-1.JPG

Montenegro’s gorgeous, and one of the best places to get to see that from above is Lovcen, the second tallest mountain in Montenegro. It’s no wonder that Petar II Petrović-Njegoš  – Montenegro’s ruler during the 19th  century – chose this spot as the place of his final rest. After seeing it, I get it, it’s […]

10 Mar, 2011 in Montenegro
Ulcinj - Montenegro-26.JPG

So why Ulcinj? This little town is where Shabbatai Tzvi – a dominant figure in the regional religious history – ended his life in prison and where some claim is his final resting place. The whole tour was meant to learn more about the local religions and their interaction with Jewish life or those days. […]

8 Mar, 2011 in Montenegro
Ulcinj - Montenegro-5.JPG

Ulcinj is a nice little town in Montenegro combining beach culture with a pretty old castle and a bit of local history dating back almost 2000 years. It’s not that well known as an international tourist destination but during high season you can expect to see hordes of European & Russian tourists coming in to […]

28 Feb, 2011 in Montenegro
Cetinje Monastery - Montenegro-7.JPG

It’s a cute little town, a former capital of the Montenegrin kingdom, Cetinje hosts one of the most famous monasteries in the region, dating back to 1701. It went through some rough times when the Turkish invaded, but has managed to survive till this very day. The Sydney Morning Herald went as far as to […]

4 Feb, 2011 in Montenegro
Boardwalk - Kotor-12.JPG

To show you a bit more of the beauty of Kotor in Montenegro, one of the highlight of my trip to the Balkans, I’ll share with you some of the photos I took while taking a morning walk just outside the old city. It was dead quite, nobody around, and the weather was absolutely perfect. […]

17 Jan, 2011 in Montenegro
Around Kotor (12).JPG

Together with Croatia’s Dubrovnik, Kotor of Montenegro is a highlight of my trip to the Balkans. It’s got it all. UNESCO World Heritage Site approved historical background set on an unbelievably gorgeous scenery featuring the Kotor Bay with the high rising mountains surrounding it. As far as traveling goes, it doesn’t get much better than […]

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