27 Dec, 2010 in Berat
Berat Castle Albania-32.JPG

Inside the walls of the Berat Castle, within the area of Saint Maria’s Sleep Church, is the Onufri Museum – named after one of Albania’s finest artists. We had the pleasure of attending a tour of the place given by an attractive local tour-guide who took us through the church and the museum. She explained […]

26 Dec, 2010 in Berat
Berat Castle Albania-19.JPG

Berat, the Albanian white city, has one major attraction which makes it a very popular among the tourists coming to Albania – the Berat Castle (Berat Kala). Unlike the castle I visited in Kruja which hosts museums, shops and restaurants, Berat Kala is still very much a residential area, offering gorgeous views of the area […]

23 Dec, 2010 in Berat
Berat Albania-9.JPG

Our explorations of the Balkan religions somehow always seemed to revolve around the topic of the exotic Bektashim religion and finally brought us to a tiny hidden gem in the outskirts of Alabnia, a town called Berat (or Berati). Generally speaking, Bektashism is a mysticism oriented Muslim Sufi order which was quite influential during the […]

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