27 Sep, 2010 in Taiwanese Pop Culture
Jiufen Chiufen - Taipei County-26.JPG

[Maybe NSFW alert] This is the kind of stuff that’s fun to see in Taiwan. Taking something like a sex related store that might feel a bit sleazy, and turning it into something fun and cute that anybody can feel comfortable going into. Meet “Condom World” (or “Honey Time”) a shiny little chain store …

Love Kaohsiung Music Festival 愛戀高雄 : Old Taiwanese Songs

A few days ago I went to a music festival “Sunset on Sizihwan Bay and fall in love with Kaoshiung” (愛戀高雄). It was the last day of a long running festival going from the 6th of July till the 31st of August, featuring free parking, free water-banana and kayak rides and open performances of some […]

1 Sep, 2008 in Tainan, Taiwanese Pop Culture
“Made in Tainan” Live Music Festival at Anping

“Made in Tainan” took place last Saturday at the Anping harbor area in western Tainan. Tainan Bulletin had the following : 14:00~14:50 Sun Of Morning 15:00~15:50 Bugs Of Phonon …

20 Aug, 2007 in Taiwanese Pop Culture

One of my absolute all-time favorite movies is "Lost in Translation". There’s this one scene in which Bob can’t fall asleep and so he opens the TV and looks for something to watch, only to find a bunch the most bizarre TV shows. After a few sleepless nights and pointless zip-zapping, I give you… Lost […]

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