28 May, 2019 in Singapore

My last visit to Singapore I was hosted on the far western side of Singapore in the NTU campus area, near the border with Malaysia. Most of the Singapore attractions are far away from that area but there’s one attraction that’s really worth visiting – Singapore Botanical Gardens. It features Chinese gardens, Japanese gardens, and […]

18 Apr, 2019 in Singapore

Last time I visited Singapore was in 2014, so a visit was long overdue. I got an invite to come over and spend some time with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) at the very far west side of Singapore, away from the Singaporean hustle bustle center, though nothing in Singapore is ever very far. I spend […]

14 Dec, 2014 in Singapore
Singapore Gardens by the Bay-063

If you’re in Singapore, then Gardens by the Bay is probably one of the MUST-DO attractions. It’s one of the most surreal man-made gardens I’ve ever seen, almost hard to believe that someone built something like that, and especially in an already over-condensed, an expensive and real-estate hungry city like Singapore. But, a strong government […]

13 Nov, 2014 in Singapore
Singapore Gardens by the Bay-015

I’ve been around the world, I’ve seen some impressive artificial garden constructions, but nothing prepared me for what awaited me in Singapore – Gardens by the Bay. Honestly, I thought these are just going to be gardens just like any other gardens I’ve visited. But the second you come out from the metro station (MRT) […]

10 Nov, 2014 in Singapore
Little India & Arab street Singapore-031

One of the nicest things about Singapore is the diversity of cultures. More so that any other city in eastern Asia, Singapore offers a combination of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and British cultures, each with its own district, people and cuisine, somehow living together in harmony and mixing in together. There are also hints of other […]

30 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
Sentosa Island Cable Car Singapore -029

Sentosa Island in Singapore is an odd little place. An artificial island built for as a tourist paradise. Over-commercialized, all fake, you’d expect it’ll be horrible and some of it certainly lives up to the expectations but on occasion you can’t help but be impressed with this man-created tropical amusement park monstrosity. The beach area, […]

22 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
China Town  Singapore (39)

Not many people know this about me, but China Town in Singapore is where it all began. After traveling around Asia and Australia for quite some time I made my way back through Singapore and that was the first time I encountered a Chinese majority culture with a vibrant lively China Town. Sure, I’ve seen […]

14 Aug, 2014 in Singapore
Haw Par Mansion - Singapore (2)

The strangest attraction I’ve been to in Singapore is probably Haw Par Mansion, a trip into kitsch and bad taste once intended as an amusement park introducing the wonders to Chinese mythology and Confucianism. It’s way past its glory days, and I visited it was completely deserted. The few Singaporeans I talked to and mentioned […]

9 Jun, 2014 in Singapore, Visions
Singapore visit (43)

How time flies. It’s been 9 years since I visited Singapore during my backpacking tour of Asia. I have fond memories of Singapore, I remember it as the first place I saw of developed Asia. It truly impressed me and has lit up my interest in seeing more of Chinese cultures. This month, I was […]

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