27 Oct, 2012 in Cebu
Magellan's Cross - Basilica of Santo Niño - Cebu-11.JPG

Heading towards the beautiful Filipino islands people often skip Cebu City. Though I agree that Cebu City might not be a destination that stands out by itself, if you do have a few hours to burn in Cebu before or after a flight there are definitely some local historical attractions you can explore (see previous […]

15 Nov, 2011 in Cebu
Carbon Market - Cebu City (5).JPG

There’s something a little creepy about walking around at night by yourself in a strange land through a negatively stereotyped city, but somehow – it’s something I find very hard to resist. In a way, it is only during night time that I truly get the sense of what the city is and as irrational […]

23 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
Yap Sandiego Heritage House - Cebu (2).JPG

Not too sure what to call the Yap Sandiego Heritage House in Cebu City . When I finally found it after venturing uncomfortably on foot through Cebu City I was a bit surprised. True, it was the first “attraction” I saw in the Philippines, but I still wasn’t prepared to the scale of things. …

11 Oct, 2011 in Cebu
Fort San Pedro - Cebu City (6).JPG

I’ll try and be honest with you. For the second largest city in the Philippines, there’s really not that much to do in Cebu City as a tourist. But, if you do take the few hours to try and explore this city for what it has to offer, Fort (Fuerza de) San Pedro is probably […]

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