20 Jun, 2016 in Tokyo
Camera 360

I received a few questions the other week from folks traveling to Tokyo asking me about recommendations for affordable places to stay. I already wrote a post about it, but that was from a trip over 7 years ago, so there are other better ways, and I’ve used some of them. Funky ones are capsule […]

2 Apr, 2014 in Tokyo
Japan and Beijing 444

Tokyo is filled with little hidden gems around every street corner. There’s definitely something very special about the Japanese temples. They’re extremely esthetic, delicate and beautiful in design, tranquility that calms your mood and lifts your spirits. When visiting Tokyo I got to see lots of small neighborhood temples, especially in the Ueno area. But […]

30 Mar, 2014 in Tokyo
Shibuya crossing Tokyo (1)

In one of my favorite movies of all time – Lost in Translation – the Shibuya Crossing represents all that’s different and overwhelming about the Tokyo experience. The neon lights, the gigantic rail station in the back, and the hordes of people crossing any time of day and night is a wonderfully estranging experience for […]

22 Jan, 2014 in Tokyo
2121 Design museum Rippongi Tokyo (25)

One of the nicest discoveries of my recent visit to Tokyo was realizing that Tokyo is filled with culture and arts. In the Rippongi area there are a number of world-class art museums, with top notch exhibitions with some of the finest arts and design in the world. My day wondering around Rippongi and visiting […]

19 Jan, 2014 in Tokyo
Asahi TV Tower  Tokyo (12)

It’s not a grand attraction, definitely not for people my age, but if you’re in Rippongi, this a place for you to get a glimpse of Japanese animation mania. You can take photos with some of the cartoon celebrities and play around with all sorts of video games and attractions all day long for free. […]

20 Oct, 2013 in Tokyo
Shinjuku Golden Gai Bar Area  Tokyo (7)

My strangest experience in Tokyo goes, hands down, to my visit to the Shinjuku Golden Gai bar area. If you’re anything like me – having a strong preference for the casual-small-quiet bars/pubs rather than the full-blown noisy-party-dress-up bar/clubs – then the Golden Gai is perfect for you. Alleys filled with tiny bars that usually hold […]

2 Oct, 2013 in Tokyo
Japan and Beijing 382

Japanese cemeteries are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Though you can sense the influences of Buddhism and Asian style, the Japanese cemeteries feel different. They’re extremely esthetic, they include symbols and accessories not used else where, and most intriguingly, they’re well embedded within the urban landscape. Take Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo, for example, …

1 Oct, 2013 in Tokyo
Yebisu Beer Museum - Ebisu Tokyo (20)

Japanese are beer fanatics and some of the world’s best beer brands are based in Japan with a history going back over a hundred years. To get a taste of the local breweries and learn a bit about the Japanese beer culture and history, I made my way to a specialty museum in Japan – […]

24 Jan, 2010 in Itineraries, Tokyo
Tokyo trip summary & 6 days recommended itinerary

Tokyo’s a terrific city, well worth a few days of exploration. To sum up my trip to Japan, following is a summary of my visit to Japan’s Tokyo, suggesting a recommended itinerary for those interested.     Tip – I wrote a post for some cheap budget hotel …

22 Jan, 2010 in Tokyo
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo's Times Square

Tokyo can get expensive, very expensive, especially for accommodation, but if you do your research and plan ahead you don’t have to go broke booking a hotel. If you’re anything like me – traveling on a budget but well beyond hostels with shared rooms/toilet, then the following might help. All options include a room equipped […]

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