5 Oct, 2009 in HK Events
130 Tai Hang Fire Dragon Mid Autumn Festival-72.JPG

The Chinese sure know how to through a good party for their Gods and the 130th Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance Parade as part of the HK celebrations of mid-autumn festival is a great opportunity to see that. Gives something for all those monotheistic religions to think about. …

3 Oct, 2009 in HK Culture & Life
Hong Kong Ads & Bikini Pseudo Models

Hong Kong has a really lively advertising market, and that’s often one of the most interesting sources for social interpretations of Hong Kong culture. One of the first things you’re bound to notice in HK are the big banner-posters hanging all over the MTR. I’ll be honest with you… being the male that …

30 Sep, 2009 in HKUST
HKUST campus : Study in Hong Kong

This is a follow-up post to a previous post “The International Student Experience in Hong Kong (& HKUST)” after I received a few questions and queries by email. I’ll try to address those each topic at the time. Disclaimer – Please note that my perspective is limited …

28 Sep, 2009 in HK Attractions
Hong Kong Heritage Museum.JPG

HKUST organized a tour this last Saturday to see a terrific exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum called "The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947–1957".   It’s a brilliant exhibition. Photography is not allowed …

27 Sep, 2009 in HK Places
Festival Walk shopping mall - Kowloon Tong-60.JPG

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive selection of shopping malls I’ve seen anywhere. It’s somehow well embedded in the local culture and the local way of life and so almost every MTR subway station has one if not two or three large shopping malls attached to it or closely nearby. While visiting …

24 Sep, 2009 in HK Events
HK Arts Center Wan-Chai - Street Music Concert V-2.JPG

HK Arts Center in Wan Chai has a neat series of street concerts just outside the culture center building that’s been running for a while now. The Hong Kong Arts Centre (香港藝術中心), mind you, runs an English Facebook group with the latest information about the events that they’re holding, and so I learned of the […]

18 Sep, 2009 in HK Culture & Life

Being a foreigner in HK (& previously in Taiwan) sometimes gets me into some amusing conversations. One day, as I was working on some data in the research room I got a Facebook chat request (through Digsby)  from a girl I don’t know who added me as a friend. After we had the following …

2 Sep, 2009 in HKUST

Although Hong Kong is probably as global as you can get in East Asia, surprisingly, there aren’t that many international students studying in Hong Kong. Occasionally, I get emails from prospect students who look for information about studying in Hong Kong and come across my blog, asking me what my impressions are about studying …

17 Aug, 2009 in HK Events
Hong Kong AniCom 2009 - Figures-17.JPG

Figurines collectables were the center of attraction, some of the fans queuing up a few days in advance to Anicom HK 2009 to be the first in line to buy some of those. Following are some of the figurines at the exhibition.   I don’t know who …

15 Aug, 2009 in Cosplay, HK Events
Hong Kong AniCom 2009 - Cosplay-7.JPG

The 11th Hong Kong AniCom for 2009 was held at the HKCEC during the beginning of August hosting the best of animation and comics in the region.  Among the obvious attractions were the Cosplayers, arriving at the exhibition to pose in their best Cosplay outfits and compete for the best Cosplay costume awards.   …

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