30 Nov, 2018 in HK Hikes

I’ve visited Hong Kong’s Lamma Island several times in the years I’ve lived in Hong Kong (example1, example2), but the last time was over 7 years ago, and it was mainly on the same path crossing the island from north to south-east (Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier). This year, I went back to revisit, and […]

13 Aug, 2018 in HK Hikes

Just when I think I’ve visited everything that there is to visit in Hong Kong I accidentally come across a new spot that reminds me how wonderful Hong Kong is. From an unexplored nearly deserte ferry pier next the Chinese University of Hong Kong departs a one hour ferry take goes through beautiful┬áPlover Cove area, […]

4 Aug, 2016 in HK Hikes
Tung Lung Chau Island Hong Kong (21)

Hong Kong is my second home. I’ve live in Hong Kong for many years and I’ve had plenty of time to explore most of the places in Hong Kong. Even though Hong Kong is one of the most diverse exciting cities in the world, I did a pretty good job of covering almost everything, and […]

5 Sep, 2014 in HK Hikes
Po Toi Island -  Hong Kong (40)

After 5 years in Hong Kong I thought that I pretty much covered it all. Did most of the hiking trails, been to most of the local islands, did countless boat trips in all directions. What else could there possibly be that would surprise me? But, as it usually is with Hong Kong, there are […]

16 Apr, 2014 in HK Hikes
Northern Peng Chau Island Hong Kong-029

Long ago I visited Peng Chau for the first time, one of Hong Kong’s small island with a laid back fishermen village feel to it. Though it’s a really small island, that fist time, I only explored the southern part of the island, hiking up to the mountain top to get some wonderful views …

12 Oct, 2013 in HK Hikes
Dragon's back hike - Hong Kong Island (19)

Two years ago I discovered one of Hong Kong’s best hikes – The Dragon’s Back. An easy hike with some of the best views any person could hope for, and all within easy reach from the city down at the south-eastern side of Hong Kong Island. I recently had the pleasure of revisiting this …

18 May, 2012 in HK Hikes
Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail (16).JPG

On a blazing hot summer day, I took a sweet and adventurous couch-surfer to hike in Sai Kung. As a preview to the one of the best hiking trails in Hong Kong – the Maclehose Stage 1 and 2 (Tai Long Wan) – we started out with Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail. The main reason […]

9 Nov, 2011 in HK Hikes
Dragon's Back hike HK island (93).JPG

In my ~2+ years in Hong Kong I’ve done a fair number of hikes, many of them far exceeding my prior expectations of Hong Kong with some really breathtaking scenery. Still, the Dragon’s Back hike has managed to surprise me once again. Taking a visiting Couchsurfer through the dragon back like mountains of southern Hong […]

27 Jul, 2011 in HK Hikes
Wilson Trail stage 4 hike Hong Kong (60).JPG

On a gloomy hot Sunday in Hong Kong we set off to do the Wilson Trail stage 4 backwards from the Sha Tin Pass all the way east down hill towards Sai Kung. This trail shares a section with MacLehose trail stage 5 – which I did last year, and in that combined section there’s […]

1 Jun, 2011 in HK Hikes
Peng Chau 056.JPG

One of the greatest things about Hong Kong is that it has the outlying islands. From the gorgeous and scenic Lantau island (with Ngong Ping 360, Tai O Village etc.), through Lamma Island, to Cheung Chau you can spend days exploring hiking trails, celebrating local festivals and religions and enjoying terrific local seafood and laid […]

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