6 Aug, 2014 in Sanya
Sanya Yanoda Rainforest  Hainan (17)

You won’t find many rainforests in China, but there is one at the southern island/province of Hainan not too far away from Sanya – the Yanoda Rainforest. As most things go in China, especially in a Chinese tourist heaven like Sanya, this rainforest is over-commercialized and very crowded. You won’t get lost in the deep […]

27 Jul, 2014 in Sanya
Sanya Beach Hainan-012

If you’re looking for beaches in China, then Sanya in Hainan is probably the best you’ll be able to find. Unfortunately, it’s not up to par with other amazing beach destinations in the area (Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan-Penghu, Cambodia and even Vietnam-Nhatrang and Hong Kong-Saikung) and it’s unbelievably crowded and over commercialized. The Chinese are also […]

2 Jul, 2014 in Hainan
Haikou walk Qilou Snack Street  Hainan (18)

Hainan is the tropical getaway of China, it’s as closest you’ll get in China to nice beaches and tropical weather. Most people coming in to Hainan go straight to Sanya, to get a taste of highly commercial overly crowded beaches, but you can also go into the cheaper Haikou airport. I was’nt sure what I […]

26 May, 2014 in Haikou
Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark Haikou-047

Aside from beaches and strange cultural parks (e.g. betelnut park) Hainan also has some great tropical nature to explore. Recently, the Chinese government opened up several parks across Hainan making it easy to enjoy some of Hainan’s former volcano glory. The Volcanic Cluster National Geo Park 15 minutes from Hainan is probably one of the […]

16 May, 2014 in Sanya
Betelnut Park  Sanya Hainan (2)

Sanya is trying to position itself to be the Hawaii of China. Though nothing like Hawaii, it definitely has some of the nicest beaches in China, but with the masses coming in and the beaches overcrowded with people, Sanya needs more to spread out the tourists and make the most of the incoming cash. Which […]

7 May, 2014 in Haikou
Hai Rui Tomb Haikou Hainan-003

When people think of Hainan they mostly think about the Sanya beaches, probably the closest you can get in China to a good beach, but if – like me – you’d like to try and see a bit more than that, then there is the occasional historical site. the Hai Rui Tomb is one such […]

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