28 Dec, 2013 in Itineraries, Kaiping

Having exhausted most of what Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen have to offer I was looking for an interesting weekend escape that wouldn’t be too far but still very different, exciting and new. I must admit that I haven’t heard much of Kaiping prior, but the UNESCO heritage site title badge seemed like a sign […]

28 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Majianglong Village - Kaiping - Guangdon (5)

The last of the Diaolou western-Chinese mix villages in my Kaiping tour was Majianglong Village. I arrived a little bit too late to really enjoy all that it has to offer, but still, I was able to appreciate the special architecture and get a taste of the local feel.   …

19 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Kaiping Zili Village Guangdong  (21)

Another terrific spot for the Diaolou architecture near Kaiping in Guangdong province is the Zili Village featuring a collection of fortified village houses. Recognized by UNESCO in 2007 as a heritage site combining eastern and western influences, these structures have been abandoned since mid 20th century, but have now seen a renewal with restoration …

18 Dec, 2013 in Kaiping
Li Yuan Kai Ping Guangdong (1)

Diaolous are villages built by overseas Chinese from Guangdong province combining eastern and western influences to create an interesting sense of architecture, recently recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. While visiting Kaiping you’ll get to see all sorts of Dialou, but the most posh that I’ve seen were definitely in Li Garden.   …

1 Nov, 2013 in Kaiping
Chikan Old Town - Kaiping (3)

On a lookout for daytrips from Hong Kong that would take me to strange new worlds and new civilizations I discovered Kaiping. A ferry ride from Hong Kong to Zhuhai and another hour or two on the bus and you arrive at a UNESCO heritage site preserving the Diaolou culture – a curious style of […]

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