5 Jul, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center-12.JPG

A friend I know from my Taiwan days who is now at Hawaii University was invited to teach Finance at Guangzhou. It was very interesting to hear some of the cross cultural observations of the local Chinese students ("but, teacher, our great leaders say…" etc.) and the academic environment, so I was quite excited when […]

10 May, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Pearl River.JPG

Seeing how well-developed some parts of Guangzhou are was both impressive and sad. There’s no doubt that Guangzhou exceeded any prior expectations I had regarding how modern and well-organized things were going to be, but deep inside it was the other China I was more into – simple life, perhaps more authentic, with the beauty […]

8 May, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou street life-10.JPG

One of the most enjoyable things for me being in a new place is walking around and simply observing people. There’s just so much beauty in the simple things of everyday life routines, especially that of a different culture, that makes it fascinating for me to watch. Following are some of the interesting lives …

2 May, 2009 in Guangzhou
Museum of the nan yue king in western han dynasty.JPG

Spending a few days at Guangzhou and being generally impressed with how modern and well developed most of central Guangzhou is, I kept wondering where the ancient Canton capital’s history is hiding. There are a few older areas and special temples dating back a few hundred years in Guangzhou, but I didn’t really come across […]

30 Apr, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Yue Xiu Park-12.JPG

Not too far away from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is the grand Yue Xiu Park. Lots is happening in the Chinese parks I visited, but Yue Xiu was the most active of those. The kicking feather ball, or whatever you call that thing, is ofcourse the most popular of them all, having a very […]

28 Apr, 2009 in Guangzhou
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Guangzhou-4.JPG

I was a bit surprised the first time I realized that Sun Yat Sen (孫中山, Sun Zhong Shan) is considered to be the founding father of the modern Chinese nation by both China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. From biographies I read about Mao and Chiang Kai Shek, I was led to believe that while Sun […]

26 Apr, 2009 in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Folk Arts Museum - Chen Clan Academy Ancestral Hall-7.JPG

One of the nice advantages of living in HK is just how close China is. Two hours away from the HK by train is Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong (Canton) province. After hearing lots of stories and reading a fair number of books on southern China’s Pearl River Delta, I was curious to finally see […]

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