10 Jul, 2013 in Xiamen
Gulang Island - Xiamen - 2013 (59)

Though I’ve been to Xiamen before and toured around the charming Gulang Island, my recent trip to see the Taiwanese Kinmen islands  – just a ferry ride from Xiamen – gave me an opportunity for a brief revisit. Though it’s a fairly small island, the revisit took me to new places I’ve yet to explore, […]

28 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Xiamen
Xiamen University - Xiamen (16).JPG

Xiamen was a very pleasant surprise. It’s not too crowded, quite tourist friendly, very well developed, and has a special charm which combines the scenic beauty of a coastal city with lots of colonial and regional history.   To summarize my trip to Xiamen, following are the posts I wrote about my short visit to […]

26 Nov, 2012 in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (189).JPG

Gulang Island is gorgeous. I think it’s one of the nicest places I’ve visited in mainland. To summarize the Gulang island and Xiamen experience, following are photos I took around the island …   Previous posts on Gulang Yu : Local Street Food : Gulangyu Island – Xiamen The Houses of Gulang Yu : Xiamen […]

25 Oct, 2012 in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (139).JPG

Want a taste of Europe in China? Gulang Island has just the thing. Though the island has suffered from the ongoing rampage of China’s 20th century political turmoil it still maintains what I believe is among the best selection of European architecture in China. Though houses are old, some of them crumbling down, many have […]

23 Sep, 2012 in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (228).JPG

There are many small treasures and hidden gems in the lovely Gulang island in Xiamen. One of the attractions is Shuzhuang Garden, which is an extension of a villa once owned by a Taiwanese businessmen and has some pseudo classical Chinese influences.     There are a few …

10 Sep, 2012 in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (153).JPG

I know a thing or two about Zheng Cheng Gong (鄭成功 o Koxinga)  and it mainly has to do with the time I spent in Tainan-Taiwan where Cheng Gong is considered somewhat of a local hero for driving away the Dutch colonists.  Since Xiamen is probably as close as you can get in mainland to […]

27 Jun, 2012 in Xiamen
Hulishan Fortress - Xiamen (38).JPG

Being the lovely and prosperous coastal Chinese town that it is, Xiamen naturally has some strategic significance and that obviously lends to some interesting history. There’s not much available in English on Xiamen’s role in many of the conflicts China went through in the 19th and 20th century, but it is clear that it was […]

11 Jun, 2012 in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island - Xiamen (48).JPG

If you’re looking for some terrific Chinese snacks, then you’ll enjoy wondering around Xiamen’s Gulang Yu. In the two days that I’ve visited the island I’ve enjoyed an endless variety of local snacks that were absolutely delicious.   As you venture off the ferry taking you to the island you’re bound to come …

8 Jun, 2012 in Xiamen
Around Xiamen (14).JPG

On my last day in Xiamen I was lucky to meet with a local who was sweet to take me for a drive-through tour of Xiamen. It was really what I would consider a five star tour. We drove around the beach line with occasional stops to walk around and take some photos. On a […]

3 May, 2012 in Xiamen
Xiamen - Sand sculptures (24).JPG

Facing the Taiwanese islands of Jinmen, Golden Beach in Xiamen offers a new relatively unique attraction – a sand sculptures park Guanyinshan. With 120000sqm it’s considered one of "Asia’s largest", a bit bigger than the sand sculpture festival I previously visited in Fulong Beach, Taiwan. If you’re in Xiamen, and feeling like a cute family […]

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