9 Jul, 2011 in Chinese culture
New York Jew in China : Exploring Chinese society

A Yiddish speaking New York Jew reporter Ross (Shmuel) Perlin covers China in a series of terrific videos discussing China and Chinese culture. With his relative fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Perlin goes around China taking a look at some very fundamental issues underlying Chinese society. First time I saw those Yiddish videos I …

20 Aug, 2010 in Chinese culture
Chinese Red Army Orchestra Vintage Lipsynced Parodies

  Taking the net by a storm are videos of the Chinese Red Army lipsynced to popular modern, and many of them western, songs. Scenes taken from the Long March Song Cycle movie (长征组歌) from back in 1976 are edited to create terrific parodies that give new meanings to the songs. …

19 Aug, 2009 in Chinese culture, Shenzhen
Bian lian - Sichuan's Face Changing Mask Performing Art

Based in China’s Sichuan province and originally performed as part of Chinese Opera is the beautiful performing art of face-mask changing – Bian Lian (变脸, 變臉, Biàn Liǎn). Watch this next routine I recorded in a Sichuan cuisine restaurant called Sichuan Folk in a Shenzhen Overseas Chinese District (posh) shopping mall. …

4 May, 2009 in Chinese culture, HK Events
Tin Hao Festival Joss House Bay-38.JPG

Tin Hau – Goddess of the sea, better know in Taiwan as Matzu (媽祖 Māzǔ), is one of the most popular Gods in the Taiwan, southern China and Hong Kong area. Discover Hong Kong alerted me to the celebrations of Tin Hau festival taking place not too far away from the campus in Sai Kung’s […]

24 Apr, 2009 in Chinese culture, HKUST
Chinese and Cantonese Opera at HK

Till HK, my encounters with Chinese opera amounted to a short opera class in China Town Singapore … To sum up my Chinese experience at Singapore I went on my final night for some classic Chinese dinner and opera with the Chinese Theater Circle (http://ctcopera.com.sg) and was surprised to be …

9 Jun, 2008 in Chinese culture, Tainan
Dragon Boat Festival Tainan 2008-1.JPG

Tainan’s 2008 Dragon Boat Festival was held yesterday at the Anping Tainan Canal with both the NCKU IIMBA students and NCKU Chinese Language Center participating. The Duanwu Festival is a Chinese traditional and statutory holiday. It is a public holiday in mainland China and in Taiwan, where it is known as the “Duanwu Festival”. …

7 May, 2008 in Chinese culture, Tainan
Koxinga Shrine Festival 2008-16.JPG

347 is a special number, Buddha knows why, so Tainan decided 347 years for Koxinga’s conquest of Taiwan is a good occasion for a grand event to celebrate freeing the island from the Dutch. Koxinga, otherwise known as Cheng Kung (/Gong) is an extremely important figure in Tainan, almost if not already at the position […]

30 Apr, 2008 in Chinese culture, Taiwan
A-Mei Zhang Hui 張惠妹 : Aboriginal Taiwanese Mando-Pop music

This is the 4th post on the topic of Taiwanese music and musicians. Previous posts include : Mandarin Chinese music – More great singers I listen to in Taiwan – Wong Faye, 陳綺貞 Pop Chinese music in Taiwan continued : Joi Chua (蔡淳佳) and Jay Chou (周杰倫) Taiwanese music – Recommended Mandarin …

5 Apr, 2008 in Chinese culture, Taiwan
Visiting the Taiwanese Chinese medicine doctor - Eastern medicine in Taiwan

My health since I’ve arrived in Tainan has been on a terrible up and down rollercoaster. Almost every month I experience one or two health issues that I have no idea what they’re related to, and every once in a while there’s one that really puts me down. It’s allergies, viruses, chronic fatigue, Buddha …

15 Mar, 2008 in Chinese culture, Taiwan
Ghost money burning : Gods worshiped at Tainan-Taiwan

Money burning is a long long tradition of the Taiwanese people, being an inherent practice in many Chinese culture rituals. Living in Tainan, one of Taiwan’s most traditional cities, I get to see alot of money burning. Yesterday, as I was sitting down at one of my regular coffee shops I noticed something going on […]

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