22 Sep, 2014 in Beijing
The Back Lakes  Beijing (26)

On my recent visit to Beijing I got to revisit the Back Lakes of Beijing during much better weather than my former visit. It was freezing cold, but clear blue skies and this time around – the lakes were frozen, turning the lakes into mirrors and adding to the very impressive effects.   …

4 Aug, 2014 in Beijing
Prince Kung Mansion  Beijing (29)

To supplement all the big attractions in Beijing are a number of smaller historical attractions of the local Chinese royalty that presided in the area. Dating back to mid-18th century the Prince Kung Mansion is perhaps the best preserved palace you can find in Beijing. It’s located within walking distance from the the back and […]

1 Jul, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing University Campus-051

Mid winter I was invited to Beijing University to give an academic talk and took this opportunity to get to know this beatiful and historical campus. To those who don’t know, Beijing University is among the best – if not the very best – of Chinese academia, and in my field they’re definitely on the […]

22 May, 2014 in Beijing
Yuyuantan Park Beijing (14)

During my last visit to freezing Beijing in December, the city lakes all turned to ice, and with the rare clear blue skies the Beijing parks seemed especially nice. Yuyuantan Park is well known for its ‘cherry blossom’ with colorful trees in the spring period (March), but during my visit most of the trees …

8 May, 2014 in Beijing
National Art Museum of China Beijing (5)

Interested in arts and culture in Beijing? Quite a few things for you to see. My absolute favorite is the 798 area, but if you prefer the more organized museums and wondering around large structures with exhibition halls, then Beijing offers a number of large scale museums, arguably the best in China. In my last […]

27 Apr, 2014 in Beijing
Hou Hai Bei Hai Beijing (33)

On my last trip to Beijing I was lucky to meet a good old friend from back in the happy uni days attending courses at the East Asian department. Unlike myself, she has immersed herself in the local culture and language and so taking a stroll with her through some of the Beijing highlights was […]

31 Mar, 2014 in Beijing
Lama Temple Beijing (1)

On one of my recent visits to Beijing I decided to stay at the Hutong area near Confucius Temple. It was a wonderful area, filled with local alley magic and temple shops, but it wasn’t all Confucian. In that area is also one of the biggest temples in the region – Yong He Gong, or […]

18 Mar, 2014 in Beijing
Beijing Hutongs (1)

The Beijing Hutongs are alley-ways all across Beijing that represent a traditional disappearing way of life. During my first visit to Beijing I stayed in a five star hotel near Tiananmen square completely disconnected from local life, so for the next two visits I made it my business to stay with more traditional Chinese houses […]

9 Mar, 2014 in Beijing
Tianning Temple Tower  Beijing (3)

A couple of blocks south from the White Cloud Temple in Beijing is the Tainning Temple which is most famous for its huge 12th century pagoda, which at the time would have enabled visitors to see very far away into Beijing and the imperial city. Unlike White Cloud, this is a very quiet and humble […]

27 Feb, 2014 in Beijing
Baiyun Guan White Cloud Temple  Beijing (1)

Lots of religious worship sites around Beijing. I previously visited a Confucian temple and a large Buddhist temple next to it – Yonghegong. While Cloud Temple is a good example of a Daoist temple in Beijing. Dating back to the 8th century Tang dynasty. Daoism was promoted as the Tangs extended influence in an attempt […]

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