27 Jun, 2011 in Angkor
Baphuon Temple - Angkor (2).JPG

To wrap up my visit to the glorious Angkor temples in Siem Reap in Cambodia, after visiting the faces of Bayon in Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, and Ta Prohm Temple our last stop is with the Baphuon Temple and Leper King Terrace, within the Angkor Thom area.   I guess these two are …

26 Feb, 2011 in Angkor
Bayon - Angkor Thom (15).JPG

Angkor Thom, the ancient capital city of the Khmer empire, is quite remarkable, giving a strong fight to Angkor Wat in the charm score. What makes it so charming? The countless Buddha like faces engraved in the stone all around the temple. A noticed a few tourists trying to track down all the faces in […]

1 Feb, 2011 in Angkor
Angkor Wat (45).JPG

Angkor Wat is the most famous of the Angkor temples near Siem Reap in Cambodia. To many, a wonder of the world, there is no doubt it is magnificent, especially when put in the context of the whole Angkor area and the importance to regional history.     …

22 Jan, 2011 in Angkor
Ta Prohm Temple - Old Brahama - Tomb Raider (20).JPG

Ta Prohn (Old Brahma) Temple, embarrassingly – best known to tourists as Tomb Raider Temple or Angelina Jolie Temple, is one of the more magical temples in the the Angkor area next to Siem Reap in Cambodia. The special thing about the place is how temple ruins were overwhelmed by the power of …

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