16 Nov, 2012 in Itineraries, Washington DC
Around Washington DC (54).JPG

There’s lots to see and do in Washington DC and everything is really top notch attractions. Even though I was only there for a few days I was able to see much of what Washington DC has to offer.     To summarize my Washington DC trip, here are some of the highlights I posted […]

15 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
National Air and Space Museum (12).JPG

If there’s one thing that Americans have and most of us don’t is a successful history of space exploration. Though us living in HK are receiving reports that the nearby uprising superpower is quickly catching up, they’re 40 years late.  While our region was waging the student masses to brutally denounce counter-revolutionaries and capitalist animals,  […]

14 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
National Museum of American History-002.JPG

If you’re interested in knowing more about American history, then what better place than the National Museum of American History, right?   Back in high-school I was a history buff, there was even a point in time when I thought it might actually be a good idea to be an historian – there …

13 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
National Museum of Natural History (26).JPG

When it comes to museums, there’s little that does more than dinosaur skeletons to get your juices running, and the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC probably has some of the nicest collection of them lot. With over 7 million visitors a year, it’s among the most popular museums in the world. …

4 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
State Capitol (13).JPG

You got to hand it to the Americans, they know how to build structures to house their governments. Serving as the meeting place of US congress – the American federal legislature – and located on top of Capitol Hill overlooking a grand "national mall", is the United States Capitol.   Having grown …

1 Jun, 2012 in Washington DC
National Gallery of Art Garden (14).JPG

Art has a way of transforming public space into something special. If you ask me, I’d love to see a lot more art in public spaces, but somehow we don’t really see it that often – especially not in Asia. The national gallery of art in Washington, one of the world’s most visited …

31 Mar, 2012 in Washington DC
Mount Vernon Washington DC (23).JPG

Next on my list of surprises with American national symbols, George Washington – the first American president, and what better way than to explore this in his glorious mansion in Mount Vernon just off to the south of Washington DC.     The "father of his country", a …

20 Jan, 2012 in Washington DC
National Portrait Gallery and American Art - Washington DC (18).JPG

Washington DC has some superb museums to keep you busy. Some serve as obvious musts for incoming tourists and some are perhaps a bit more off the usual itineraries and are located a bit further away from the central Washington DC Mall.   Since I was naturally drawn to Washington's Chinatown area, not too far […]

2 Dec, 2011 in Washington DC
Washington DC Zoo (13).JPG

When it comes to museums and parks, very few cities in the world can compete with Washington DC on quality and variety. The mysterious Smithsonian Institution, whatever and however it came to be, has done wonderful things for the cultural and artistic attractions of the American capital. It’s overwhelming, really, how they are able to […]

27 Oct, 2011 in Washington DC
Arlington National Cemetery - Washington DC (11).JPG

There’s something about national cemeteries that freaks me out. It could be the depersonalization or the pathos, or perhaps just my general inability to cope with collective symbols of death. But there’s no doubt that the American National Cemetery at Arlington (Virginia) near Washington DC is an impressive and depressing site to visit.   …

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