19 Jul, 2019 in Pennsylvania

Earlier this year I revisited Philadelphia Pennsylvania to spend time with family in the area. After some time exploring Philly we went on a short road trip in the region, and did a few of the Amish community attractions in the area. One nice example is the Amish Farm and House near Lancaster with a […]

22 Jun, 2019 in Philadelphia

In my last revisit to Philly, I got to see a few new attractions I have not explored the first time around. There were all sorts of hidden gems and quirky experiences, but the weirdest of them all – by far – was Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a non-profit folk art museum with works by mosaic […]

3 Mar, 2016 in Philadelphia
Philadelphia downtown walking tour (2)

Last year I had my first visit to Philadelphia, to see the UPenn campus and tour the city a bit after a conference in NYC and a stop at the Princeton University campus. I did plenty of walking around Philadelphia during that visit, roaming around downtown and trying to see as much as I can during that […]

14 Jan, 2016 in Philadelphia
Eastern State Penitentiary Museum Philadelphia Pennsylvania-001

I love funky museums that show me something different and unexpected and the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia was just the thing.  A real functioning prison from 1821 to 1971 turned museum this will give you a chance to revisit the history of how prisons evolved over the years. It’s not only about incarceration, and the American […]

18 Oct, 2015 in Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania  Philadelphia (2)

After a visit to New York City for an academic conference, I took a couple of days to venture down south and visit two universities I’ve wanted to see for long – Princeton University in New Jersey, and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Both are Ivy league, and how some of the best scholars in […]

18 Jun, 2015 in Philadelphia
Visions of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia has been on my radar for quite some time, but I never really got around to visiting. A conference in New York City and a quick visit to Princeton University brought me close enough to be able to pop in for a quick visit, and I discovered a really charming city, with a great […]

9 Aug, 2012 in Pennsylvania
Gettysburg - Pennsylvania (17).JPG

Gettysburg carries with it a special meaning for the Americans, as it is considered one of the most important battles in American history that determined the fate of the American Civil War. This was the battle where Lee of the southern armies was finally stopped and turned back from his crusade into the north. …

13 Mar, 2012 in Pennsylvania
Harrisburg (3).JPG

Early morning we made a quick stop at Harrisburg, just before heading on to Gettysburg. All the way down from Corning, crossing the state border between New York state and Pennsylvania with an overnight stay on the way, we drove into Harrisburg to visit the State Capitol Building.   …

17 Sep, 2011 in Pennsylvania
Hershey’s Chocolate World : Pennsylvania

Driving down through Pennsylvania state towards the American capital travel agents were unanimous in their recommendations of this tourist mecca built around one of America’s most recognizable brands. Hershey’s Chocolate World symbolizes everything that American capitalism and branding stands for, the original owner being made a legendary benevolent hero and the company representing the …

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