21 May, 2013 in Palm Beach
Palm Beach - the beach (1).JPG

The familia wasn’t originally planning a stop at Palm Beach, but as we made our way down south from Orlando towards Miami and checked our options for a weekend stay we made a last minute decision to just try Palm Beach. What’s there? Not much that we knew of, but it turned out quite pleasant. […]

15 May, 2013 in Tallahassee
Mission San Luis de Apalachee Tallahassee (16).JPG

Want ancient history in Tallahassee? you got it. Mission San Luis de Apalachee is as far back as you can find in Tallahassee. Dating back to the early 17th century, the mission was part of the tragic efforts by the Spanish to colonize the area and convert the local native Americans to Christianity. The present […]

7 May, 2013 in Saint Augustine
Flagler college Saint Augustine (1).JPG

Previously the prestigious Ponce de Leon Hotel serving the richest of America, it is now part of the Flagler College campus, set in the wonderful historic town of Saint Augustine. And what a lovely college it is. It must be a unique experience to study in a college that looks as fine as that. …

5 May, 2013 in Florida
National Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola (9).JPG

Want to see the beautiful Pensacola coastline from above? The historic Pensacola Lighthouse in the navy base near Pensacola is absolutely perfect for that with breathtaking panoramic views that are bound to stay with you for long. Downstairs, there’s also a small museum for you to review the history of the place and get a […]

21 Apr, 2013 in Tallahassee
Lafayette Heritage Trail Park Tallahassee (11).jpg

One sunny day in Tallahassee I was heading out to spend another day staring at the computer and contemplating the inner-workings of the universe in some random coffee shop when my mind alerted a need for a break and I somehow found myself heading towards directions not yet explored. Down a few neighborhoods, up a […]

10 Apr, 2013 in Tallahassee
John Riley House & Museum Tallahassee (11).JPG

It’s probably not one of Tallahassee’s prime attractions, but the small John Riley House & Museum does offer a quick peak onto Tallahassee’s African American community history. John Gilmore Riley, whose house now serves as a museum, was an important member of the Tallahassee community and a symbol of the changes the African American community […]

8 Apr, 2013 in Tampa Bay
Ringling Mansion (27).JPG

Ringling’s story is the American dream come true. Coming to the United States as an immigrant from Germany he built his circus empire from nothing and turned it into one of the world’s biggest circus operations. Once he established his wealth he constructed a gigantic tribute to his work with the Ringling Grounds …

4 Apr, 2013 in Tallahassee
Alfred Maclay State Gardens Tallahassee (2).jpg

If you’re in Tallahassee and looking for a lovely stroll through beautiful gardens next to a lake then you’d probably want to check the Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens. Been there twice, once with a friend and then again when I decided to take my father to see some of the local Tallahassee highlights and […]

24 Mar, 2013 in Saint Augustine
Pirate & Treasure Museum Saint Augustine (14).JPG

After you’ve seen your fair share of arts and history museums I’ve come to develop a special appreciation for those odd little specialty museums that cover themes usually not explored by the bigger museums. Saint Augustine has a good example – a museum dedicated to pirates – the Saint Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum (previously […]

23 Feb, 2013 in Tallahassee
Goodwood Museum and Gardens Tallahassee (34).JPG

Looking for something a bit different to do in Tallahassee? I strongly recommend a visit to a plantation. I know, it was a bit of a surprise for me as well, but there are a few plantations in the Tallahassee area, and they are generally quite well preserved and a pleasure to explore.   …

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