5 Dec, 2013 in Tampa Bay
Circus Museum - Ringling Sarasota (29)

Though there’s lots to see at the Ringling Estate and Museum of Art in Sarasota, Ringling has made his fortune and fame by forming one of the world’s largest traveling circuses. If you think that isn’t such a big deal, the Ringling Circus Museum will help you understand just how big the operation was. It […]

2 Dec, 2013 in Miami
Vizcaya Museum House Gardens - Miami (27)

If you enjoy architecture and gardens and a small glimpse into how the rich and successful live, Miami has a few terrific options for you. I previously covered the Charles Deering Estate at Cutler which is already quite impressive, but it’s nothing compared to the Vizcaya Villa belonging to a different member of the Deering […]

30 Nov, 2013 in Miami
The Everglades - Florida (69)

The Everglades, a huge wetland area in southern Florida, isn’t just host to a large population of alligators. It’s also a habitat for many types of birds, some resident, some migrating. I don’t know much about birds, but the guided tour around the Everglades is likely to tell you more about the wildlife of …

29 Nov, 2013 in Miami
The Everglades - Florida (59)

Like alligators? Florida has lots of those for you all over the state, but you’re most likely to get a kick out of the Everglades National Park, a massive wetlands down in southern Florida. It’s probably one of the must day trip attractions if you’re visiting Miami, and one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve […]

24 Nov, 2013 in Tampa Bay
Ringling Museum of Art Sarasota (20)

Although Ringling is mostly famous for living the American dream by becoming a millionaire in establishing one of the world’s biggest circus shows, his Ringling Estate in Sarasota down on the western coast of southern Florida hosts an impressive top notch museum of art. Featuring an impressive Spanish architecture and some of the finest private […]

19 Nov, 2013 in Tallahassee
Christmas lights in Tallahassee (23)

This time last year I was living in Tallahassee and was surprised to see the preparations for Christmas starting as early as November. Riding around town I noticed quite a few light shows popping up in various churches and I occasionally stopped by to have a look.   Take this next one, …

8 Nov, 2013 in Saint Augustine
Dow Museum of Historical Houses Saint Augustine (5)

Saint Augustine, the first town, with the first house, having the first cathedral, fort or college and just about first everything in regards to the colonial overtake of the Americas. It’s where the Europeans first based their American expeditions, and till this very day offers an interesting overview of colonial history. Next on my …

9 Oct, 2013 in Florida
Sunken Gardens Saint Petersburg (9)

The day after a relaxed stay at the beautiful Treasure Island we headed up to explore Saint Petersburg. Of all the local attractions we decided to make our first stop at the Saint Petersburg Sunken Gardens, a charming botanical gardens maintained by the local community, dating back around a 100 years and hosting over 50,000 […]

21 Sep, 2013 in Saint Augustine
Cathedral of Saint Augustine (1)

Just like everything else in Saint Augustine, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine prides itself in being ‘the first parish’ in the Americas. Dating back to the 1560s, the structure has been attacked and burned down numerous times in history, finally to become what is is today with the current structure built in the 1790s. […]

15 Sep, 2013 in Saint Augustine
Oldest European House in America : Saint Augustine - Florida

Saint Augustine in Florida prides itself in being the oldest city in the United States. As such, walking around Saint Augustine you’ll come across the oldest fort, oldest road, the oldest church, etc. and – ofcourse, the oldest house. Who gets to hold that title? it’s the González-Alvarez House located at 14 St. Francis Street, […]

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