23 Jun, 2015 in Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory  Los Angeles (3)

Looking for stunning views of Los Angeles from above? On one of my previous visits to Los Angeles I suggested the wonderful world-class Getty Center. But, if art isn’t exactly your thing and you’re perhaps more into astronomy, or just want to get the views, then Griffith Observatory is definitely your first choice. Close to […]

16 May, 2015 in Los Angeles
Seal Beach Los Angeles California (24)

Los Angeles has some wonderful beaches, and Seal beach is a prime example for a great beach not too far away from town. In my last conference visit to Long Beach I found affordable accommodation between Long Beach and Seal Beach, and a morning visit strolling down the beach I discovered a desolated quiet stretch […]

10 May, 2015 in Los Angeles
Venice Beach Los Angeles California (14)

Los Angeles has some great beaches and each beach has a somewhat different style and targeted at different populations. Venice Beach, to me, feels like the hippie laid-back joint. A great boardwalk, lots of crazy little shops, snack booths, cheap bars and pubs, street vendors and musicians, and then – ofcourse – the beach. A […]

9 Mar, 2015 in Los Angeles, Visions
Visions of Los Angeles California (10)

A conference at Long Beach provided the much needed escape from the mid-western ice cold winter, and a chance to revisit the wonderful city of Los Angeles. Some people dislike L.A. for all sorts of reasons, but I’m sure that any person spending months over in the middle of nowhere freezing northern little town would […]

8 Mar, 2015 in Los Angeles
UCLA campus Los Angeles California (4)

During my last visit to the Los Angeles area to attend a conference in Long Beach, I made a short visit to the University of California Los Angeles campus to get a feel of what a warm sunny ivy league world-class university campus looks like. Suffice to say I soon become quite jealous, the architecture, […]

28 Jul, 2014 in Los Angeles
The Queen Mary - Long Island California (2)

Long Beach doesn’t have what you’d call prime attractions, especially in comparison to the nearby Los Angeles with its Getty museums (Getty Center & Getty Villa) and the Hollywood madness, but my local host did take me to see two little attractions in Long Beach that are worth sharing – the Queen Mary cruise ship […]

6 May, 2014 in Los Angeles
The Getty Villa Malibu (22)

To complement the wonderful Getty Center in Los Angeles head over to the Getty Villa in Malibu. The Getty Villa was Getty’s personal residence modeled after the Villa of the Papyri in Italy and later designated to host Getty’s growing art collection from ancient Italy (Rome), Greece and Etruria. The impressive collection has over 44,000 […]

5 May, 2014 in Los Angeles
Hollywood Sign Los Angeles (6)

If you’re in Los Angeles and visiting Hollywood and you’ve always wanted to take a photo near the grand Hollywood sign overlooking the city – you’re in for a challenge. Oddly enough, the internationally known sign is inaccessible. In a tourist-mecca that prides itself in getting visitor bucks for subpar Hollywood related attractions, I’m surprised […]

3 Apr, 2014 in Los Angeles
Griffith Park Travel Town Los Angeles (5)

While in Los Angeles, I followed the cliché somewhat idiotic tourist obsession with going up to the Hollywood sign, and I figured that I’ll pick up an attraction or two in the area along the way. The Hollywood sign proved much trickier than I originally thought, but the area was much more charming that I […]

27 Mar, 2014 in Los Angeles
Union Station Los Angeles (2)

At the heart of Los Angeles is Union Station, surrounded by a variety of culturally themed neighborhoods. You’ve got your China Town, your Little Tokyo, and closest by is the Mexican area. While walking through those neighborhood I came across a local Mexican God worship festival with lots of music, dancing and food, which I […]

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