19 Jul, 2019 in Pennsylvania

Earlier this year I revisited Philadelphia Pennsylvania to spend time with family in the area. After some time exploring Philly we went on a short road trip in the region, and did a few of the Amish community attractions in the area. One nice example is the Amish Farm and House near Lancaster with a […]

22 Jun, 2019 in Philadelphia

In my last revisit to Philly, I got to see a few new attractions I have not explored the first time around. There were all sorts of hidden gems and quirky experiences, but the weirdest of them all – by far – was Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a non-profit folk art museum with works by mosaic […]

2 Jul, 2016 in Phoenix

To wrap up my visit to Phoenix during Christmas, I made a short visit to the University of Arizona in Phoenix. To catch a last glimpse of the city from above, I took the opportunity to climb up the nearby mountain and the Hayden Butte Preserve with panoramic views of the whole area. It’s a bit of a hike, […]

25 May, 2016 in New York City
Wall street NYC New York (7)

I’ve been to New York City so many times, but somehow never really got around to taking shots of the famous Wall Street. Back in my 6th grade year in the US I remember coming out of the metro on Wall Street and for the first time in my life seeing the endless row of […]

27 Mar, 2016 in Topeka
Capitol building Topeka Kansas

I collect visits to capitol buildings across the US.  Florida, Illinois, Washington DC, Austin, Harrisburg, and Phoenix Arizona are some of the more recent ones. In one of my time-traveling trips back to the year I spent in Topeka middle-of-nowhere Kansas, I took the opportunity to also visit the local Kansas capitol building, one more […]

15 Mar, 2016 in Topeka
Combat Air Museum Topeka Kansas (2)

Last year, I did a trip back in time to revisit Topeka Kansas, where I spent an exchange year back in 1989. I found my old house, and had a few other adventures, but then wanted to go and explore some of the local attractions. I can’t say that I found a lot, but one […]

14 Mar, 2016 in Illinois
Chevrolet Museum Hall of Fame Museum Decatour Illinois-030

As I was making my way west from Urbana-Champaign towards a visit into the past in Topeka Kansas, I decided to make a quick stop in Decatour. As I was going off the highway I saw a sign leading to the Chevrolet Museum Hall of Fame Museum. That sounded interesting, so I decided to go have […]

3 Mar, 2016 in Philadelphia
Philadelphia downtown walking tour (2)

Last year I had my first visit to Philadelphia, to see the UPenn campus and tour the city a bit after a conference in NYC and a stop at the Princeton University campus. I did plenty of walking around Philadelphia during that visit, roaming around downtown and trying to see as much as I can during that […]

28 Feb, 2016 in Phoenix
War memorial and capitol building Pheonix-018

I collect capitol buildings, or maybe – visits to capitol buildings across the US. I mean, I try. Whenever I visit a capital city in a new state I try to fit it to my schedule to go and take a look at the capitol building. Florida, Illinois, Washington DC, Austin, and Harrisburg, are some of the […]

26 Feb, 2016 in New York City
Brooklyn Bridge NYC US (5)

On my last visit to NYC for a conference I met up with a good old friend who now lives in Brooklyn. After saying my goodbyes I decided that instead of taking the bus or subway I’ll just walk my way up to the upper west, using the Brooklyn bridge crossing over to Manhattan’s southern-side […]

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