13 Aug, 2012 in Toronto
Kensington China Town Toronto (20).JPG

As long as we’re writing about interesting neighborhoods, Toronto’s Kensington area near China Town also has a special atmosphere. My two visits to the area was somewhat brief, but it nonetheless left a mark as a vibrant, energetic, and colorful place that shows a bit of how culturally diverse Toronto can get.   …

6 Jul, 2012 in Toronto
India Town Toronto (16).JPG

One of the great things I liked about Toronto was the diversity of cultures. Toronto has several neighborhoods with distinct cultural aromas, with a China Town, a Greek area, a prominently Jewish, etc. I was taken to explore and dine at Gerrard Street, which hosts lots of central Asian immigrants, mainly from India and Pakistan, […]

25 Jun, 2012 in Toronto
Ontario Legislative Building Toronto (6).JPG

Toronto hosts the legislative assembly for the Canadian province of Ontario, or the Ontario Provicial Parliament. To catch the show in action, I made my way to the Ontario Legislative Building in Queen’s Park. Inside, lucky me, a tourist tour was just starting and so I got to hear a lot about the history of […]

5 Mar, 2012 in Toronto
Distillery Historic District Toronto (17).JPG

While visiting Toronto, I was fortunate to have the chance to venture out of what some may consider the usual tourist path and see a few lovely local spots. On my first day in Toronto, on a gorgeous day with clear blue skies, my Torontian uncle took me to explore a wonderful area in Toronto […]

29 Jan, 2012 in Ontario
Niagara Falls - NY - USA (21).JPG

The Niagara Falls are one of the prominent memories of my childhood tours around America. I remember them as one of the most impressive natural wonders I’ve seen up to that point in  time and together with the general high of the visit to the American wonderland, the falls proved a memory to last. …

1 Oct, 2011 in Toronto
Bata Shoe Museum Toronto-2.JPG

Didn’t have much time to visit all the wonderful museums that Toronto has to offer, so when I asked for a recommendation to something more special I was directed to Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum. It is, as you’ve probably guessed from the name, about shoes – or “footware” – with collections from different cultures, places […]

4 Sep, 2011 in Toronto
Toronto downtown walking tour (43).JPG

Toronto, to me, was always thought of in light of my childhood memories from the sixth grade when my family spent some time in the states and went to visit my charming extended family living in Toronto. Based on those memories, I could only vaguely recall large houses, wide empty streets, and strangely enough – […]

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