16 Sep, 2016 in Bocas del toro

To wrap up my posts about my getaway trip to Panama last year, the final post is about a wonderful boat-trip from Bocas del Toro to nearby islands to do some dolphin watching. In two little fishermen boats we went to dolphins bay where dolphins like to come hang out. For the entire duration of our visit […]

23 Jul, 2016 in Boquete
Finca La Milagrosa Coffee Plantation Tour - Boquoete Panama (17)

In my short stop in Boquete up on the central mountains of Panama I did a couple of tours. The first was a horseback riding hotsprings tour I wrote about before, and in the rainy afternoon we were taken to the coffee plantation to hear a bit about the blooming Panama coffee industry and see […]

30 May, 2016 in Boquete
Horseback riding and hotsprings -Boquete Panama (17)

After a few days in Panama City and the gorgeous islands of Bocas del Toro I took a boat and bus down south and up the mountain to Boquete, considered one of the best American Xpat retirement towns. For a small town, there’s plenty to do, and only once I arrived I realized I could have probably planned for longer. […]

16 Mar, 2016 in Panama City
Casco Viejo Panama City-005

I spent a couple of days in Panama City before heading out to the islands and mountaints. Upon my arrival, the first day was devoted to the Panama Canal and surrounding area, and once I returned from exploring Panama and just before heading out of Panama City I had the morning to stroll around the lovely […]

16 Jan, 2016 in Bocas del toro
Isla Zapatilla Beaches Bocas del Toro (30)

There are some gorgeous beaches in the Panama Bocas del Toro region, and any island you’ll visit will offer clear blue water and white powdery sand with top-notch snorkeling. I haven’t tried all the beaches and islands in the area, but of all those that I did the Isla Zapatilla beaches with a special tour leaving from Bocas del […]

7 Dec, 2015 in Bocas del toro
Isla Carenero Bocas Del Toro Province - Panama (68)

To continue the tour of Local versus tourist life at Isla Carenero in the lovely Bocas Del Toro province of Panama here’s a photo walking tour of Isla Carenero. As opposed to local life, foreigners seem to have very comfy life at the heart of gorgeous natural scenery. The area has great isolated beaches with […]

25 Oct, 2015 in Bocas del toro
Isla Carenero  Bocas Del Toro Province - Panama (18)

When visiting the lovely Bocas Del Toro islands in Panama I spent my first night at the Bocas Del Toro Town. Of all the places you can stay on those islands, Bocas Del Toro is probably the worst option, unless you want some variant of nightlife or care about convenient shopping. So, one of the […]

17 Sep, 2015 in Panama City
The Panama Canal  Panama City (8)

I made a last minute decision to go see Panama and when trying to figure out what the local attractions were most websites first pointed me to the Panama Canal, a quick trip from Panama City, proclaimed as one of the greatest architectural projects of our time. I admit my expectations were set high, so […]

5 Sep, 2015 in Bocas del toro, Boquete, Visions
Panama mountains islands visions (10)

The main attractions of Panama aren’t in Panama City, they’re out in the islands and mountains of Panama. Having limited time, I took a short flight on a tiny plane out to the islands – Bocas Del Toro. It reminded me of my visits to some of the more distant parts of the Philippines and […]

3 Sep, 2015 in Panama City, Visions
Visions of Panama City (1)

In the year I had living in the US I was hoping to venture out to see a lot of central and south America, but as the year came to a close I was becoming aware of the possibility that I’ll be leaving the region without seeing that part of the world. So, looking at […]

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