30 Dec, 2018 in Yearly summaries

So what did 2018 look like?   After over 3 years of being away from Asia, being based in North American and Europe, I returned to Hong Kong, to take the next step in my professional career. I enjoyed my life in Europe very much, and was already very familiar with Hong Kong, so was […]

31 Dec, 2017 in Yearly summaries

So what did 2017 look like? The year 2017 was very hectic summing up my 2 years European experience and finally ending up back in Asia. It’s been a crazy year, both personally and professionally. I like Europe very much, and was hoping to stay longer, making the most of the opportunity to travel across […]

31 Dec, 2016 in Yearly summaries

What did 2016 look like? The year 2016 marked my transition to European life. After ~10 years mostly spent in Asia and the US, I moved to the Netherlands. It’s been a terrific year, both personally and professionally. The new location in Europe offered great new opportunities for travel around Europe, with new adventures in […]

19 Dec, 2015 in Yearly summaries

What did 2015 look like? 2015 marked yet another change in my life. After moving to the US following ~10 years on and off in Asia, I moved to the Netherlands in Europe to start yet another adventure. The time spent in the US provided me with some significant challenges, also on the travel side, but […]

20 Mar, 2015 in Blogging

How time flies. Ten years ago today, March 20th 2005, I left my home country for an unknown adventure to roam around the world. At the time, people who knew me found it hard to imagine me as a long-term traveler, and I would joke that I’ll probably be back in a …

21 Dec, 2014 in Yearly summaries

What did 2014 look like?  2014 marked an important change in my life. After 5 years as a PhD student living in Hong Kong I finally defended my dissertation and graduated the PhD to leave Asia and begin a postdoc in the United States. Most of this year was surrounding these big events, and so […]

1 Jan, 2014 in Yearly summaries

What did 2013 look like? An extension of 2012 this was a year mostly surrounding my academic life, with most of my travels associated with with academic adventures around the world.   Since I’m always behind on my blogging, and the previous summary of 2012 still had a lot coming I’ll start off from a […]

2 Apr, 2013 in General
From Florida to HK Update :  US exchange summary

Last July I wrote about the exciting news of going away on an exchange to Florida State University to work with Baumeister and his lab. It’s unbelievable how quickly these months flew by, but I’m now back in Hong Kong.   There’s no way to really summarize this kind of experience. Suffice to …

30 Dec, 2012 in Yearly summaries
My 2012 : Year Summary

So what did 2012 look like? to me this was a year focused around academia. After settling down into the PhD program and generally figuring out what my research directions are, my travels were mostly around the places where my academic journey has led me.   Since I’m always behind on my blogging …

23 Feb, 2012 in General
Shit People Say to Expats Visiting Back

In the spirit of the lovely trend of “Shit girls say…” or “Shit people say…” and seeing that my “Sh*t Hong Kong People Say to White Guys” “Sh*t People Say to Bloggers” and “Sh*t People Say to PhD Students” were able to get a few positive responses, I sat down to quickly write down …

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