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Camden Lock Markets : London

Lots to see and do in London. It’s an exciting world city, with all sorts of areas with a different vibe, and part of the charm is being able to take a quick tube ride and get into a completely different atmosphere. One of my favorite areas in my visits to London many years back was Camden Lock, the hippy market area, and so although my last visit was short I went back to spend a few hours touring the area. Although it was a bit different than I remembered and more quiet, it did not disappoint. The extensive array of markets with a wise variety of shops selling just about anything for relatively cheap is the perfect for people watching. You’ll see London’s diversity at its best, with all sorts of funky combinations and curious cultural observations. You don’t have to shop, although I bet you’ll find plenty of things you’ll adore, with great options for souvenirs to bring back home. It’s definitely a place worth exploring in depth and lingering in for long.


Here’s a bit from my quick walk through memory lane into the world of Camden Lock markets…


Camden Lock London-001

Camden Lock London-002

Camden Lock London-003

Camden Lock London-004

Camden Lock London-005

Camden Lock London-006

Camden Lock London-007

Camden Lock London-008

Camden Lock London-009

Camden Lock London-011

Camden Lock London-012

Camden Lock London-013

Camden Lock London-018

Camden Lock London-021

Camden Lock London-023

Camden Lock London-025

Camden Lock London-029

Camden Lock London-030

Camden Lock London-031

Camden Lock London-032

Camden Lock London-035




Although it’s not typically considered a London must, I’d make this part of any itinerary for visiting London. A great area, a wonderful way to spend half or even a full day. Try and catch one of the big crowded weekend markets.

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