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Boston Common Park and Freedom Trail

If you’re in Boston travelling, most chances are you’ll make your way to the Freedom Trail at some point. The trail includes 17 historical sites associated the history behind the US fight for freedom from the British. The trail starts at the Boston Common Park and continues all the way to the USS Constitution (and a stop at Faneuil Hall). My first tour I did on my own, walking together with the tourist hordes, entering the various museums along the way. Second time around, I was lucky to have a charming local guide who spiced things up with local folk stories and various tales of woo


We’ll start the tour with the Boston Common Park, and make our way quickly through the freedom trail…


Boston Common Park (10)

Boston Common Park (7)

Boston Common Park (1)


Here’s a bit about the park from their website :

Hear the echoes of 350 years of the most extraordinary history of America’s oldest park. Here the Colonial militia mustered for the Revolution. In 1768, the hated British Redcoats began an eight-year encampment. George Washington, John Adams and General Lafayette came here to celebrate our nation’s independence. The 1860s saw Civil War recruitment and anti-slavery meetings. During World War I, victory gardens sprouted. For World War II, the Common gave most of its iron fencing away for scrape metal.

Boston Common continues to be a stage for free speech and public assembly. Here, during the 20th century, Charles Lindbergh promoted commercial aviation. Anti-Vietnam War and civil right rallies were held, including one led by Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1979, Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass.

Frederick Law Olmsted never touched Boston Common, but his sons did. About 1913, their firm supervised the paving of walkways, the replenishment of the soil, and the moving of 15-ton trees.

From a utilitarian common ground for activities like grazing, militia formations and public hangings, the Common evolved. Its peaks were leveled cows were banned and 19th Century Bostonians added trees, fountains and statuary. The Common became the park-like greenspace we know today. The park includes ballfields, a tot lot and the Frog Pond, which provides skating in winter and a spray pool for children in the summer.


Public hangings and militia formations. Quite the history, don’t you think?

Well, seems like nothing much changes since…


Boston Common Park (2)

Boston Common Park (14)

Boston Common Park (19)

Boston Common Park (15)




Though I probably won’t be able to repeat the trail and tell you much about it, I will share a few photos from the walking tour…


Freedom Trail - Boston (6)

Freedom Trail - Boston (9)

Freedom Trail - Boston (2)

Freedom Trail - Boston (3)

Freedom Trail - Boston (5)


My lovely guide wrapped things up with the following from Italian town…



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