I did lots of daytrips around Hokkaido, and the last one I’ll mention was on the way to Furano, stopping by Asahikawa. Really wasn’t sure what to do in the area, didn’t do my homework, and had very little time, but the person at the hotel suggested taking the shuttle to see the local ice museum. I really like specialty museums, and I can’t really say that I’ve visited or even heard of an ice museum, so I had to go check it out. It had, well, ice, lots of it, in various shapes and forms, and some fairly interesting but small exhibitions on ice. It was nice way to spend an hour. There are two other museums in the complex about local folk art, and I attended one. Can’t say I understand what it was about or what to make of it. If you’re done with the ice museum, and got time before the shuttle bus back – then why not. I did both and still had time to spare, so sat down in the local coffee shop to eat one of the local desserts. Good thing about Japan is that there’s always something new and funky to try out.

After the shuttle bus brought me back I spent a few hours walking around the main street and nearby parks. Not a tourist highlight, to be sure, but considering it’s one of the largest towns in Hokkaido outside Sapporo, it does give you a sense of country-side towns.



The other museums in the complex…



The Ashikawa parks…





That wraps up my Sapporo Hokkaido daytrips. Only took a year 😛

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