In my last few visits to Guanghzou before leaving the region I got to experience a whole new side of this vibrant metropolis.


First off, I visited Redtory, the new growing art district was once a large factory, but the government designated it to artists and galleries, trying to imitate 798 in Beijing and M50 in Shanghai, and it does seem like it’s headed in the right direction.



Redtory Guangzhou-003


Their website has a decent English intro:

Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Factory is located at the east side of the center axis through the CBD of Guangzhou, Zhujiang New Town. With full scenery on the north bank of the Pearl River in view, Redtory faces Pazhou International Exhibition Center across the lake in the south; in the north, it is the Tianhe business center, making it a precious creative district at the center of Guangzhou city replete with artistry and cultural atmosphere.

Apart from the geometrical central axis, Redtory forms a cultural central axis along with Guangdong Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum, new Guangzhou Library and Guangzhou TV Tower.

Following international standards for creative districts, Redtory has nourished comprehensive cultural industries and made herself the CAD (Central Art District) in Guangzhou’s CBD. Since the establishment, Redtory has attracted globally famous galleries, designer and artist’s studios, art spaces, media, academic/art organizations, fashion stores, clubs, characteristic cafes to build up their offices or shops in the district. Now Redtory is gaining influence in both China and abroad.



Redtory Guangzhou

 Redtory Guangzhou-002

 Redtory Guangzhou-005

 Redtory Guangzhou-010

 Redtory Guangzhou-013

 Redtory Guangzhou-014

 Redtory Guangzhou-017

 Redtory Guangzhou-018


There are a few cool vintage shops in there…


 Redtory Guangzhou-019


Where you can drink some hot (!!!) coke…


 Redtory Guangzhou-021





Another funky area, more for youthful nightlife is the Zhujiang Party Pier…


Zhujiang Party Pier Guangzhou (2)

 Zhujiang Party Pier Guangzhou (3)

 Zhujiang Party Pier Guangzhou (4)

 Zhujiang Party Pier Guangzhou (5)

 Zhujiang Party Pier Guangzhou (1)




Last, but not least, if you ever wondered about Chinese nightlife and whether I ever been to see what it’s like, then yeah, I have and although I’ve never been much of a clubber this one was pretty wild and loads of fun with decent DJs, models, dancer, PG13 rated semi-strip shows, and so on.









Want to watch videos? Sure, I have a few…



The name of this specific extremely expensive club was True Color, located in the club area next to the canal. It’s a bit embarassing to admit, but I couldn’t afford much in there, but as a Caucasian foreigner I attracted a lot of attention. Lots of clubbers, boys and girls, kept asking me to do shots with them and buying me drinks. Can’t say no to that.




Guangzhou’s actually lots of fun. With every visit I get to see a new side of the city.

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