It has already become a routine for me not to sleep on the weekends because of those celebrations. With a 130+ Gods served in Tainan, over 30 of them being what I term “class B Gods”, and almost 10 being “class A Gods”, it so happens that almost every weekend we have a birthday celebration for either a class A or a class B God. It’s quite hard to keep up which Gods or which temples serving what Gods are having a birthday, but new things keep coming up.

Yesterday, driving back through Hai-An road, it was no surprise for me to find two new temple stands in the middle of the big road. I saw them preparing for something massive, so I parked patiently – as if knowing what to expect – and soon enough, within 10 minutes, the familiar sounds exploded in my ear.

Some have complained to me that the videos I take aren’t long enough, and that it’s hard to visualize the whole thing. Okay, then. How about a 12 minute long footage of a God’s birthday in Tainan. I’m sure you’d like how real it looks with the camera moving around, trying to keep up with the Gods. I was trying to make it look as exciting is it really is… 😛



Looking for some more temple action in Taiwan? :

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Sometimes it feels like it is the same festival endlessly looping. Thank goodness for the Yan Shui Pao Pao. That is one you NEED to go to for sure. It will change your life. HAhahah..


It is the festival around Easter time in Yan Shui where they take carts loaded with firecrackers and point them at the masses of people and fire away. It is great fun. But you need to wear a full face helmet, scarf, and clothes that you don’t mind getting burned a bit…

MJ Klein

the one that i like is where they have strip shows at the temple. that one is for the “family god” lol!

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