Following the successful completion of my qualifying exams last year I made a short trip to the US and Canada to get a taste of American academia in Ann Arbor so that I can explore possible research directions and then followed by visiting close relatives up in Toronto-Canada and making a drive down to Washington DC through Niagara Falls, New York State, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

While it was a very short trip I did manage to see and experience amazing things almost on a daily basis. Academically, I believe the visit to Ann Arbor set the tone for the following year in my realization that I would like to pursue experimental social psychology and the trip that followed made me appreciate the fact the after 4-5 years in Asia living in Hong Kong and Taiwan there are lots of things that await for me in other parts of the world.


image thumb From Ann Arbor to Washington DC : US/Canada Road Trip Summary united states itineraries canada


To summarize that wonderful trip, following are the scattered blog posts related to that trip.


Visit to Ann Arbor & University of Michigan




New York State




Baltimore – Maryland


Washington DC & Virginia


May there be many more to come.

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