The American Betipul - HBO produces the extraordinary Israeli TV show with "In Treatment" The Israeli “Betipul”, translated as “In therapy” , is one of the best TV dramas I’ve seen. Over a year and a half ago I described how overwhelmed I was with this show. I thought it was so powerful it knocked me off balance and occupied my soul. Even though it’s been a while I can still remember all the characters and most of the episodes.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen something this powerful in Israeli TV. I can’t recall something quite like it. No special effects, no big action scenes or fake dramas… it’s simple, honest and effective, goes straight into your soul. […]

It goes further than any book that I’ve read and any simulation that I’ve seen about therapy to show the interactions happening between people – showing different patients coming to a psychologist, and the sessions between that psychologist and his mentor-therapist. A very strong experience. Bottom line – it’s the best thing that’s happened in Israeli TV lately… go and see it.

But, it was in Hebrew. There was no way for my international friends to take part in that. But the TV Gods were listening and somehow, maybe first time in Israeli TV history, HBO took an interest and decided to put on the American version.

The American Betipul - HBO produces the extraordinary Israeli TV show with "In Treatment" Calling it “In Treatment” HBO have chosen to do it with some well-known Hollywood stars, like Gabriel Byrne who acts as the psychiatric, a problematic choice as Gabriel is far from what the Israeli psychologist character was like – the ultimate demonstration of a sad tortured soul facing his patients’s most extreme everyday life situations as a therapist while he himself is struggling to keep his own life and sanity on track. But, Gabriel has his own depth and brings out some thing else into the situation. Watching the first few episodes, which are a replica of the Israeli ones, I believe it still works and now the English speaking world can taste a little of this sensational new TV.

If you’re at the states you can watch all the “In Treatment” Episodes on Youtube or their website. You can also check to see that He’s Listening.

Go watch it.

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