Visions of Sintra Portugal (2)

Probably the first attraction you’ll run into when heading into beautiful Sintra in Portugal is the Palace of Sintra. It is a 10th century UNESCO world heritage palace and one of the best preserved royal houses in Portugal highlighting some of the best in local architecture and decorations. It has a vibrant history and therefore combines many different […]

21 Aug, 2016 in Belgrade
Belgrade Fortress Serbia (45)

The Belgrade Fortress is probably the top attraction in Belgrade. It covers a very large area with massive fortifications and lots of attractions offering panoramic views of Belgrade and the grand river from above. The strongholds in the area date back to the 3rd century BC, and has seen much destruction and reconstructions over the […]

Labyrint Drielandenpunt Belgium (9)

  On the Dutch side of the 3-country border with Belgium and Germany is the small town of Vaals (Vaalsberg). From Vaals up south on towards the mountain is an interesting place worth visiting. On the exact point the countries meet is a little sign with three flags you can take your photo with, and just […]

Visions of Warsaw Poland (1)

During my last visit to Poland, I started my tour in Warsaw. My previous visit to Warsaw was over 20 years before that, back in the grey days of post USSR collapse, and it was during winter time, so my memories were of a pretty bleak and tired Warsaw. That visit was also not touristy, […]

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HK Visions (15)

I recently revisited my old home of Hong Kong and stayed over as a guest on the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus at the new hotel next the new buildings for the business school and the Institute of Advanced Studies (Conference Lodge). Although I know this campus and the Sai Kung […]

Copernicus Science Centre Museum Warsaw Poland (2)

I’ve stopped counting the number of science museums I’ve been to, been to far too many and all over the world, and so I’m always a bit hesitant to try new ones. What can another science museum possibly have to offer beyond all the other world-class museums I’ve been to around the world? When visiting […]

Old Synagogue Barcelona Spain (8)

While touring the Gothic quarter in the center of Barcelona, I noticed a little sign pointing to an old synagogue. Having known that the Spanish expelled Jews in 1492, I was curious to see just how old this old synagogue would be and what it would look like. So I made my way over there, and […]

Park Natuur and Cultuur Haaselt Belgium (3)

Here’s a weird one for you, coming from Haaselt Belgium. Visiting Haaslet for  the first time with my parents we were looking for something quick and touristy in the area. After catching a Cosplay event at the Japanese gardens we looked up Tripadvisor to see what else was in the area, and it directed us to […]

Praca do Comercio Lisbon (3)

At the heart of Lisbon, near the Tagus river is the Praça do Comércio, the former commerce center of Lisbon. With the imposing statue of Dom José I, Verissimo da Costa’s grand Arco da Rua Augusta, and the vast empty space surrounded by gorgeous architecture, the square makes quite an impression. It has a glorious past, and […]

5 Aug, 2016 in Gdansk
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Sopot Poland (5)

In my last visit to Poland I made my way up to the northern coastline to see a bit of Gdansk and catch Florence and the Machine at the Opener terrific music festival in Gdanyia. Gdansk isn’t exactly world famous for beaches, but, not too far away you have Sopot which offers much nicer beaches […]

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