Visions of Lisbon Portugal (18)

During the one week off for carnival in the Netherlands, I took off for a first visit to Portugal. I knew very little about Portugal, and had absolutely zero expectations. Despite rainy gloomy weather most days I visited, I can summarize my visit to Lisbon and Sintra as a huge success. Once again, I found […]

War memorial and capitol building Pheonix-018

I collect capitol buildings, or maybe – visits to capitol buildings across the US. I mean, I try. Whenever I visit a capital city in a new state I try to fit it to my schedule to go and take a look at the capitol building. Florida, Illinois, Washington DC, Austin, and Harrisburg, are some of the […]

Star Wars Ice Festival 2016 Liege Belgium (3)

Like Star Wars? I’ve probably watched these movies hundreds of times. Not that I’m that big a fan, but this is a cult movie series, and back in the 80s there wasn’t really that much that could compete. The earlier movies that came later on (yeah, it’s tricky) brought up a strong sense of nostalgia and […]

Brooklyn Bridge NYC US (5)

On my last visit to NYC for a conference I met up with a good old friend who now lives in Brooklyn. After saying my goodbyes I decided that instead of taking the bus or subway I’ll just walk my way up to the upper west, using the Brooklyn bridge crossing over to Manhattan’s southern-side […]

Citadella at Gellert Hill Budapest (6)

Arrived at a new city? A good rule of thumb to get yourself oriented in a new place before starting your explorations is to find the highest point in the area, and go see the city from above. Whether it’s an observation deck or a mountain, it not only gives you a better feel for […]

Dalí Theatre and Museum Figueres Spain (1)

My flight to the eastern coast of Spain landed in Girona, and many people go straight to Barcelona, but I decided to have a look at what’s in the area. When I realized that Girona was very close to Figueres, the town where Dali was based, I just had to go have a look. I […]

Grouse Mountain cable car Vancouver Canada-018

Lots to see and do in Vancouver, but the national parks just North of the city rising over the mountains are probably what makes Vancouver special and memorable to me. During my short time in Vancouver I had the change to visit two such attractions with a special shuttle leaving from the conference center. I already wrote […]

Maastricht carnaval 2016 Netherlands (11)

I never expected the little town of Maastricht at the southern tip of the Netherlands to be this lively, but even during the gloomy cold winter time there’s lots going on surrounding the carnival. Maastricht proclaims itself to the the carnival capital of the world, no less. You might think that’s a bit overdoing it, […]

19 Feb, 2016 in Milan
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Expo 2015 Milan Italy (1)

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to visit Milan for quite some time, but it was only last year that I finally got the ultimate excuse. Milan was hosting the 2015 World Fair Expo, which allowed for a combination of a visit to Milan and for me to see the world at the same time. […]

Phaselis ancient city Kemer Antalya Turkey (28)

The Antalya province isn’t all beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Sure, it has some remarkable beaches, but those are just part of what the region has to offer. Remarkably, Antalya province has ancient cities dating back thousands of years set in the most gorgeous surroundings, the ancient people did know how to pick their spots. I visited […]

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