Gardens of Augustus Capri Italy (24)

Capri Island on the coast of Amalfi not too far from Naples and Pompeii in Italy offers some of the best views I saw in the last year. Sure, it’s touristic, but once you’re up on the hills overlooking the gorgeous bay with the far away islands, you hardly notice the other tourists, and it […]

Visions of Delft Netherlands (6)

Last newyears I stayed in the Hague-Rotterdam area and was looking for something to explore in the area. Although I haven’t heard anything about Delft from anyone, it showed up on the map between the two main cities so I decided to look it up and see what it might have to offer and was surprised […]

Historical center Mexico City (55)

My visit to Mexico City was based at the wonderful historic center. I arrived late the first night and headed out to explore, surprised to find live music playing in street corners accompanied by locals causally dancing in the streets, street performers, lots of local cantinas serving cheap drinks, and a bunch of Mariachis roaming around between […]

Ancient Palatine Palatino Hill Rome (8)

Rome offers many remarkable and relatively well-preserved historical sites, but modern times and the development of Rome throughout the centuries has made it rather difficult to really get a feel of ancient times without any modern buildings around. But Palatine Hill and the nearby Roman Forum areas will take you back in time to show you a bit of […]

21 Jan, 2016 in Cancun
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Mayan Ruins at Tulum Archeological Site Mexico-044

Mexico is a great place to visit. Happy friendly local, delicious food, vibrant culture, funky music, world-class beaches, it’s just full of magical surprises. But one of the great highlights of Mexico is about the trip back in time to visit lost civilizations and explore ancient cultures that are long gone and no one really knows […]

Yoruk Nomad Theme Park Kemer Antalya-023

Antalya is a gorgeous province, best known for terrific clear water beaches, but Antalya has much more to offer than all-inclusive resorts and sun tanning on the beach. There are beautiful natural parks, breath-taking sky scenic views, remarkable historical sites, and… culture. If you want to learn a bit more about the history of the locals and […]

Philips Museum Eindhoven-015

One of the first things any new resident to southern Netherlands needs to do is to go check in with the Xpat center at Eindhoven to get the resident card. I didn’t know much about the city, or how it came to be, but I did know it’s the largest in the south, and has […]

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure Moscow Russia (17)

Moscow has some really wonderful parks, and Gorky is one of the highlights. If you’re looking for green space for some gardens, sports, food, arts, and … beaches? then Gorky seems like just the place. It has all of those and much more. It’s a very large park and there are all kinds of things taking […]

Matthiessen State Park Hiking Trail Illinois-023

Illinois is very flat, and it gets the somewhat deserved reputation of being a bit dull, especially in comparison to other areas in the US with much grander natural scenery. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do, there are some lovely national parks and natural hikes in Illinois, and the Matthiessen State Park Hiking […]

Visions of Rotterdam Netherlands (12)

Around newyears time I was visiting the Hague area and had a chance to drop in to the nearby Rotterdam for the first time to see the city in the freezing cold following a night of buzzing and partying. The city was pretty much deserted, and in most parts I could see left-overs of the wild […]

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