Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico-041

Even though years roaming around the world has somewhat numbed my ability to be wowed with new sites I visit, the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico had a definite wow effect on me. I did not do my homework before going there and so nothing has prepared me for the scale of this historical wonder. Within […]

La Jolla Cove Beach - San Diego California (25)

San Diego is a lovely city. In mid-winter around Christmas time I took off from freezing cold Illinois to warm up down in southern United States. I’ve been wanting to visit San Diego for long, having heard wonderful things about one of the nicest most livable American cities. It has so many things going for […]

Visions of Guadalajara Mexico (9)

During one of the cold storms of Illinois I felt like I had no choice but to run away and warm up during the weekend. The visit to Mexico City left a lasting impression on me and so I was looking for something similar that might offer a bit of colonial history, a taste of […]

Crusader Fortress Acre (1)

The old city of Acre is one of Israel’s top treasures, a gorgeous ancient city dating back thousands of years overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a very high concentration of terrific tourist attractions. In my previous visits to Acre I just walked the old city markets, enjoyed the fortifications and the local food, but in […]

Lincoln Home National Historic Site - Springfield Illinois (2)

Illinois, unfortunately, is not a major tourist destination with the obvious exception of the city of Chicago. It’s rather flat and cold, and its history isn’t as exciting as other states in the US. But, Illinois is especially proud of one thing in its history – Abraham Lincoln. Illinois even markets itself as the "land […]

Musical Instruments Museum Phoenix Arizona-003

Every big city has an arts museum, most have a natural history museum, and a regional history museum, and when you roam around the world for a few years it’s hard to really be excited about these any more. There’s a limit to how many Picassos, Chagalls, and dinosaurs bones you can see before you […]

17 Apr, 2015 in Rome, Visions
Visions of Rome Italy (1)

In the last year I’ve had the pleasure of stopping over in Rome on three different occasions. The first couple of times it was only for a day or two, one of those with circumstances beyond my control when my connecting flight was cancelled and Alitalia sponsored my unexpected stay. Even though these first two […]

Visions of Cologne Germany (4)

In my recent academic tour of Europe I made my first ever visit to Germany. Although Cologne is not considered a very big tourist attraction compared to some of the other German wonders, I wanted to visit the local university and so I got to spend a couple of days in this charming city. The […]

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