Isuien & Yoshikien Japanese Gardens Nara (2)

Apart from world-class temples and imperial mansions, the wonderful deer-infested Nara Park in the ancient Japanese capital of Nara has a number of wonderful little Japanese gardens. While I was visiting the Japanese tourist bureau was trying to promote those gardens by offering free admission to non-locals and though I saw plenty of Japanese gardens […]

Tel Arad  Southern Israel (3)

Located between the dead sea and Beer Sheva, close to the desert city of Arad, is Tel Arad, an ancient city dating back to the Early Bronze Age around 5000 years ago. Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to see that are left from the city’s history, one of the largest cities in the […]

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Hyde Street Pier San Francisco (16)

Lots to see and do along the gorgeous San Francisco waterfronts. Different piers offering various attractions. There are sea lions and tourist shopping in Pier 39, there’s an old second world war battle ship and a funky old game machines museum in Pier 45 but further off to the west towards the Golden Bridge is […]

6 Aug, 2014 in Sanya
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Sanya Yanoda Rainforest  Hainan (17)

You won’t find many rainforests in China, but there is one at the southern island/province of Hainan not too far away from Sanya – the Yanoda Rainforest. As most things go in China, especially in a Chinese tourist heaven like Sanya, this rainforest is over-commercialized and very crowded. You won’t get lost in the deep […]

MC Escher Museum - The Hague - Netherlands (1)

Though I never knew much about art, during my high-school years I became especially fascinated with a group of artists that I perceived as visual revolutionaries. Dali, whose work was up on my grandmother’s wall, with sci-fi fantasy apocalypic painting, and MC Escher – playing endless visual tricks on our feeble minds. I was thrilled […]

Prince Kung Mansion  Beijing (29)

To supplement all the big attractions in Beijing are a number of smaller historical attractions of the local Chinese royalty that presided in the area. Dating back to mid-18th century the Prince Kung Mansion is perhaps the best preserved palace you can find in Beijing. It’s located within walking distance from the the back and […]

University of Texas Campus  Austin-005

Earlier this year I visited Austin Texas for a psychology conference and so took the time to also visit the hosting local university- the University of Texas at Austin. It’s one of the world’ top universities, considered in the US to be a "public Ivy league", it has a wonderful psychology department and a business […]

The Great Crater - Southern Israel-028

In the Negev desert of southern Israel there are a number of very large craters, the most famous of those being the Ramon Crater. But the lesser-known ones are also a sight to behold, gorgeous desert scenery that will take your breath away. While roaming through Beer-Sheva I decided to take a detour and go […]

Nijo Castle  Kyoto Japan (13)

Kyoto is filled with historical attractions. There are the temples, ofcourse, but being the ancient capital of Japan is also offers a few palaces and castles. While visiting Kyoto I stayed with an AirBNB studio which was a walking distance from one of the nicest castles – the Nijo Castle. The castle encompassing the Ninomaru […]

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