Keukenhof Netherlands (1)

During April of last year I had a few days to visit the Netherlands and after many years of being away from Europe it was just what I needed to remind me of the beauty of this region of the world. The Netherlands are nothing short of spectacular, everywhere you point your camera you get […]

Todaiji Temple  Nara Park - Japan (4)

There’s lots to see in Nara and the Nara Park, aside from deer. The park is filled with grand historical temples, and Todaiji Temple is the most famous of them all mainly for its gigantic indoors Buddha statue. Though I did the trip to Nara after a major temple fatigue from a few days in […]

29 Jul, 2014 in Nara
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Deer Nara Park Japan (2)

After a few days in Kyoto roaming around you’re bound to experience some major temple fatigue. Unless you’re a tourist well versed in the subtleties of Zen, Buddhism and Daoism at some point they’ll all get blurred into a mish-mash of temples. Nara, the former ancient capital of Japan, offers much of the same thing […]

The Queen Mary - Long Island California (2)

Long Beach doesn’t have what you’d call prime attractions, especially in comparison to the nearby Los Angeles with its Getty museums (Getty Center & Getty Villa) and the Hollywood madness, but my local host did take me to see two little attractions in Long Beach that are worth sharing – the Queen Mary cruise ship […]

27 Jul, 2014 in Sanya
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Sanya Beach Hainan-012

If you’re looking for beaches in China, then Sanya in Hainan is probably the best you’ll be able to find. Unfortunately, it’s not up to par with other amazing beach destinations in the area (Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan-Penghu, Cambodia and even Vietnam-Nhatrang and Hong Kong-Saikung) and it’s unbelievably crowded and over commercialized. The Chinese are also […]

Contemporary Art Museum Austin (1)

Austin Texas, though small, has a number of art museums. While there, I visited three of those – The Contemporary Austin Jones Center, the UT Austin – Blanton Museum of Art and the Mexic-Arte Museum and though they were all small they each had something interesting to offer.   So let’s have a …

The Hague - Netherlands (4)

While in the Netherlands, I spent my first night at the Hague. Didn’t do much homework, so wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but the town was quite charming, with lots of history and the mandatory canal atmosphere. The location of my stay was next to the Haagse Bos park, so I started my day […]

Mamshit southern Israeli (36)

The Israeli southern desert is filled with historical treasures. The Nabateans ruled the trade roads across the desert and left some wonderful cities behind that are still standing today. Mamshit is the smallest of those, but still spectacular and well-worth your visit. A quick half an hour from Beer Sheva and on the way towards […]

Musée Mécanique Pier 45 San Francisco (2)

A small hidden gem in the lovely pier area in San Francisco is a museum of old game machines, before video games came to be, when things were a bit more naive and simple. It’s quite remarkable what you could do with a bit of machinery and creative vision, some of those games are just […]

Pier 39 San Francisco (16)

Lots to see and do in beautiful San Francisco but one of the main tourist attractions is the waterfront which includes several lively piers with lots of shopping and entertainment options. Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, is probably most famous for sea lion sightings where you can see them by the dozens, chilling out, occasionally crying […]

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