Kenchoji Temple Kamakura Japan-011

A forgotten temple on my Kamakura temple run day is Kenchoji, one of the greatest Zen temples in the area dating back to mid 13th century.     Here’s a bit from the informative Japan Guide: Kenchoji is the number one of Kamakura’s five great Zen temples. The oldest Zen temple in Kamakura, Kenchoji was […]

Leiden Netherlands (2)

My first stop in the Netherlands after the Keukenhof Flower Gardens was to go see Leiden, a quiet little old town with one of Europe’s oldest universities. As a first stop in the Netherlands, this was my first introduction to canal life, and the center of the town is as charming as it can get. […]

Holon design center-001

I first heard of the Holon Design Center while meeting with a friend in Tel Aviv and discussing design schools in the region. I haven’t lived in Israel for many years so I wasn’t aware of the transformation that Holon has gone through in recent years, so once I had a spare hour in the […]

Keukenhof Gardens Lisse Netherlands-035

I wasn’t planning on visiting Keukenhof, I didn’t even hear about Keukenhof when making travel plans to visit the Netherlands, but it’s a very small world and once I wrote down on Facebook that I’m headed to the Netherlands I got a message that a couple of friends are taking the same flight as I […]

French Legation Museum - Austin Texas (27)

The French Legation Museum is not a big attraction, and I’d be surprised if people in Austin even knew that such a museum even exists. But it just so happens that my lovely host lived right next door to this museum, so every day as I walked to my conference I wondered what this museum […]

Lombard street San Francisco California-007

San Francisco is quite unique in its layout, with steep hills and surrounded by water, which makes for some pretty insane roads going up and down but also with some spectacular views of the bay from the top of those hills. A famous street to catch some of that is Lombard Street. It has …

Nanhai Baofeng Temple at Xiqiao Mountain FoShan Big Buddha Guangdong (2)

Just when I think I’ve seen all of the best that this region around Hong Kong has to offer something comes along that blows my mind. Near Foshan in Guangdong province is one of the most spectacular big Buddhas I’ve seen. Sure, we have our own in Hong Kong at Lantau island, but this one […]

Kyoto Japan (10)

When it became clear that I’ll be leaving Asia to go to the US, I sat down in front of a map of Asia and thought to myself – where is the last place I’d like to visit before I leave Asia? For a long time, Kyoto in Japan was on top of my …

Singapore visit (43)

How time flies. It’s been 9 years since I visited Singapore during my backpacking tour of Asia. I have fond memories of Singapore, I remember it as the first place I saw of developed Asia. It truly impressed me and has lit up my interest in seeing more of Chinese cultures. This month, I was […]

HKUST boat-trip Saikung National Geopark Hong Kong (6)

Every year the management department at HKUST goes for a boat trip around the Saikung peninsula sailing through the national geopark and visiting some deserted white-sand beach. This year, however, marks a occasion in my life. After 5 years of doing a PhD at HKUST I will be graduating and leaving Hong Kong for a […]

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