It’s been a couple of years since my last visit to Guangzhou. Honestly, I was never very impressed with the city. Though the city obviously has a lot of history, there’s very little that remains of that, and I found it generally uninspiring. But, on my recent revisit I was surprised to see how much […]

798 art district - Beijing (50)

Best attraction in Beijing? Sure, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall are world famous tourist attractions, the Summer Palace and Tiananmen square are great, but of all the things I did in Beijing – and I did quite a lot – the number one most impressive thing was the 798 art district. Walking around […]

Cheung Chau - HK (11)

Cheung Chau has a special charm. Every time I visit this little island – one of Hong Kong’s many outlying islands – I discover something new, and every time it’s a very pleasant and relaxing retreat.   These photos captured on my mobile show a bit more of the local life on the …


Lots of nice beaches to enjoy in Hong Kong. One nice option is you’re visiting the Stanley area in southern Hong Kong island is St. Stephen’s Beach, about 10 minutes walk from the more crowded main Stanley beach. It offers clear sand, decent water, and the charming Stanley scenery and central HK island in the […]

Negev - the Ramon Crater (4).JPG

One of the most magnificent scenic areas in southern Israel is the Ramon Crater. It’s a landscape quite unique to the Israeli desert, formed by a receding ocean millions of years ago, it’s one of the largest in the world for its kind encompassing 40 by 10km and running 500meters deep. At Mitzpe Ramon, an […]

22 Sep, 2013 in Chicago
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Chicago China Town (7).JPG

Since having moved to Hong Kong I can’t help myself but visit the China towns in places I visit across the world. Most North-American cities have a large population of Chinese immigrants with a lively China town and I find it absolutely fascinating how culturally enclosed those neighborhoods usually are and how those stand in […]

Cathedral of Saint Augustine (1)

Just like everything else in Saint Augustine, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine prides itself in being ‘the first parish’ in the Americas. Dating back to the 1560s, the structure has been attacked and burned down numerous times in history, finally to become what is is today with the current structure built in the 1790s. […]

Shih Shan Howitzer Park - Kinmen Island-005

While riding around Kinmen Island on my way to visit the wonderful Shanhou Folk Culture Village and see some old Fujianese architecture, I came across yet another army museum. Situated in the northeast part of Kinmen Island is the Lion Mountain featuring a park and museum dedicated to an underground howitzer base (獅山炮陳地).   …

Minsk World Military Park - Shenzhen (34)

Competing for the title of the strangest attraction I’ve been to in China is this peculiar military park in Shenzhen called Minsk World. As the USSR was crumbling down, various instruments of their vicious war machine and fire power were sold to the highest bidder, and though you’d probably expect that those would mainly be […]

17 Sep, 2013 in Shenzhen
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Dameisha Beach Shenzhen-050

Most people would probably not really think of Shenzhen as a beach destination. But, Shenzhen does have some beaches, and they’re not bad when compared with some of the other places in coastal China. Granted, you’re likely to run into some heavy Chinese crowds on the weekends wearing very traditional bathing suits, the sand and […]

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