Universal Studios - Orlando Florida (2)

If you spend 6 months in Florida there are obvious musts that you just can’t decide not to do. Universal Studios in Orlando are probably one of those attractions. Although Disney was there first and is bigger, I dare say that Universal have put up a world class competition that beats Disney World in many […]

Random Buddhist garden - Kinmen Island (2)

While riding around the charming Taiwanese Kinmen Island on a motorcycle, I came across a lovely Buddhist garden. While I was living in Taiwan I was used to occasional surprises of spiritual beauty in the middle of nowhere, but it’s been a while since I saw one of these. Out somewhere in central Kinmen, not […]

Greek Festival 2012 Tallahassee (19)

Tallahassee runs several annual culturally themed festivals. Though I missed the Tallahassee Jewish Festival by a few weeks, I was able to catch the annual Greek Food Festival last November, which allowed to me to visit what I’ve been told is one of the more interesting churches in Tallahassee – the Holy Mother of God […]

Peace Memorial Park - Kinmen Island-001

There’s still some time before any peace would come between Taiwan and the mainland, but with the recent changes in policy in the Taiwanese administration both sides have atleast tried to pretend there might be some peaceful resolution to this awkward situation. Riding the motorcycle from the War Museum on northwestern Kinmen island towards the […]

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument Saint Augustine (6)

One of the best historical attractions in Saint Augustine – America’s oldest city – is Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest fort in the US. It dates back to 1672 and was built to defend the Spanish colonialists from sea invaders. Throughout the years, it has served the Spanish, the British, and then finally the […]

Bacardi Distillery HQ  San Juan Factory (6)

On my last day in San Juan, after having visited most of the local historical attractions, I was looking for something a bit different. Bacardi’s Distillery – or Casa Bacardi – definitely qualifies as different. Though overly touristic and a well oiled PR machine, it wasn’t a bad escape from the heat. Who would say […]

Cathedral de San Juan Bautista (12)

Up the road from Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier in Old San Juan is the Cathedral de San Juan Bautista dating back to the 16th century. Aside from the impressive exterior the cathedral is famous for being the place of rest for one Juan Ponce de Leon, who was Puerto Rico’s first governor after […]

Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier (4)

While walking around the old city of San Juan I noticed a curious little museum – Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier . Following the encouragment by the enthusiastic greet person on the first floor I followed a guide through the steps up to the main house where I heard the story of one Felisa […]


Unexpectedly, I discovered an amazing place to get some stunning views of Hong Kong. In the heart of Wanchai, just next to the Pawn, is an upscale building called J-Residence (on Ship st.). For a farewell party to a dear friend leaving Hong Kong, we were invited to the J-Residence sky-lounge and once I got […]

Tiu Keng Leng Ocean Shores - Hong Kong residential areas (29)

This week I moved to a new apartment in Hong Kong. The university, for the second time, has announced that I’m no longer entitled to university apartments and so I was forced to try and find a decent room elsewhere in Hong Kong. I was finally able to find one in the lovely residential area […]

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