around kinmen 046

The old Fujian style architecture in the charming Kinmen island was a wonderful surprise. I expected a bit of history in terms of the war conflict between China and Taiwan held by the communists and the nationalists, but I wasn’t expecting authentic Chinese country-side feel with beautiful ancient houses that are still in use by […]

Dai pai dong - Central HK (9)

One of the must local experiences in Hong Kong is eating in a Dai Pai Dong. In a city that revolves around luxury shopping malls and upscale enclosed culinary spaces, an affordable and simple outdoors eat is a refreshing experience. Though I’ve been in Hong Kong for a while now, I’m embarrassed to admit that […]

Around Saint Augustine (23)

To share with you a bit of the charm of "USA’s oldest city" – Saint Augustine, below is a small collection of photos from a walking tour I did while revisiting Saint Augustine with my father. Costumed guides, carriages, old colonial buildings, stone paved streets, wooden huts, lovely small artist shops, and it’s all next […]

The High Line - NYC (27)

Cleverly recycling an unused old railway since the 1960s, New York City has transformed the elevated pathway into a park. Covering over a mile, you’ll walk along a green looking down at the the streets of Chelsea and overlooking the waters surrounding Manhattan. During my visit to meet my sister and parents in New York […]

Gulang Island - Xiamen - 2013 (59)

Though I’ve been to Xiamen before and toured around the charming Gulang Island, my recent trip to see the Taiwanese Kinmen islands  – just a ferry ride from Xiamen – gave me an opportunity for a brief revisit. Though it’s a fairly small island, the revisit took me to new places I’ve yet to explore, […]

Treasure Island - Saint Petersburg (6)

After a few freezing cold days New York City of Christmas and Newyears, my family and I took a flight down to Florida to warm up a bit. Heading down to explore the western coast first we weren’t sure where to stay, but with elementary travel hacking skills we had a car waiting for us […]

Tallahassee Automobile Museum (2)

Like specialty museums? Then you’ll enjoy this charming little museum just east to Tallahassee. Whether you’re into cars or not, this museum is likely to overwhelm you with a collection of antique and modern cars of all types, shapes and sizes. They’ve got cars dating back to 1894, through fancy sports car of limited models […]

ZhouZhuang watertown - Shanghai-089

Quite a few things to see when visiting the gorgeous watertown of Zhou Zhuang between Suzhou and Shanghai, but of all the local attractions the most impressive is perhaps the Quanfu Temple dedicated to Buddhism. It dates back to the Song dynasty (1086) and has recently gone through some impressive reconstruction.   …


Although I’ve been to a number of watertowns around Shanghai and Suzhou (see Qibao and Xitang1/Xitang2), I can’t get enough of them, and with Zhou Zhuang you can really see why. Though somewhat touristic and a bit over-commercialized, those watertowns are perhaps the closest thing you can get to what we foreigners would consider the […]

4 Jul, 2013 in Florida
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Saint Petersburg Pier (5)

Saint Petersburg’s old pier is the perfect spot to enjoy scenic panoramic views of Saint Petersburg from above overlooking the city from the sea. Not too sure what to expect, my little sis and I were looking for a perfect spot to rest where we could enjoy a good breeze and views of Saint Petersburg […]

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