Taipei 101 (4)

Though I’ve been to the Taipei 101 many times, and have gone up to the observatory more times than I could remember, the Taipei 101 is still somewhat of a treat. Though Hong Kong and mainland China have numbed my senses and my ability to be impressed with skyscrapers, the fact that this Taiwanese phallic […]

30 Jul, 2013 in Boston
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Peddocks Island - Boston (1)

The boat tour around the wonderful outlying islands of Boston took me to three islands. I previously wrote about Georges Island and Fort Warren, and then Spectacle Island. The third and final stop was to Peddocks Island. Though it wasn’t as impressive to me as the other two, it definitely has its own appeal – […]

Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel Exhbision Museum - Jincheng (2)

Protecting the civilians in Kinmen from the mainland Chinese invasion are a series of long tunnels built by the civil defense during the 1970. They’re spread all throughout the island, but in Jincheng you can take a walking tour underground to experience what being a Jincheng resident under a mainland attack might feel like. …

Monkey Mountain - Hong Kong (7)

On the way to see the gorgeous Yuen Yuen Institute and Western Monastery in Tseun Wan, we made a stop along the way to show our visitors a different side of Hong Kong – wild monkeys. Turns out, there’s quite a few of them living in the Kowloon mountains and their population is expanding fast. […]

Yuen Yuen Institute - Hong Kong (27)

A few weeks after returning from a visitor scholar attachment to Florida State University, the professor I was working with reciprocated with a visit to Hong Kong with his daughter. Being the local, I was happy to suggest the good old tourist attractions that are the must TODO list for most people coming in to […]

Yangzhaidong Kinmen Island Taiwan

Want to see more Fujianese style houses in the Taiwanese Kinmen Island? You got it. This is from the eastern part of the island near Bishan & Yangzhaidong  in Jinsha Township.   Really not much available in English on those area in the north-eastern part of the island, so I’ll just let …

The Deering Estate - Miami (21)

Charles Deering, a successful businessman, discovered Miami as a winter destination long before most of the other ¬†Americans did. Back in the 1890s, he already started heading south towards Saint Augustine and Miami, when the winters in Chicago became too cold. Beginning of the 20th century he used his wealth to set a more permanent […]

Jinsha Shaobei City God Festival - Kinmen Island (43)

Sometimes travel is mostly about luck, and on my recent trip to Kinmen luck was definitely on my side. As I entered Kinmen via a ferry from Xiamen and sat down with the shy guy in the welcoming Tourist Information Center it took a few minutes of pushing him with questions for him to finally […]

19 Jul, 2013 in Miami
Ancient Spanish Monastery Miami-005

Though European history in the United States doesn’t go back beyond 15th century, Miami features a surprise – an ancient Spanish Monastery from the 12th century. Well, if you don’t have your own history, why not import it? The St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church was dismentaled in Spain and shipped over to the US and […]

Tai Lake Amusement Zone Kinmen Island Taiwan (3)

Riding around Kinmen Island on a motorcycle one gloomy afternoon I followed a recommendation to visit a nearby Lake Tai Amusement/Recreation Area. Surrounded by military bases with lots of handsome and pretty soldiers running on the side of the road is Tai Lake, an artificial lake created by the army during the cold war with […]

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